5 Frugal Fall Activities

fall activities'Tis the season! The fall season that is and I'm ready to celebrate it's arrival and fall activities, even if it is a little early yet. (It's still 95 degrees here every afternoon!)

Fall is my favorite season for many reasons, one of which is the frugal nature of the season. Fall means being able to turn off your AC and not having yet had to turn on your heater. It means crisp morning and evening air, but still fairly warm days, and the colors of fall are gorgeous!

As if all those reasons weren't enough to celebrate fall, here are five of my favorite frugal fall activities that you should definitely take part in this year!

Baking in the Kitchen

Baking is one of my favorite things to do, but I just can't bear to spend much time over the hot oven in the summer. So when fall arrives I'm more than ready to whip up a batch of cookies, or a pumpkin pie. Yum!

If you do it right, baking can be pretty cheap. I always shop sales and pick up extra baking ingredients when they are on sale. (Most of them can be stored in the freezer for nearly a year to preserve freshness.) You might even be able to find some ingredients, like fruit, at farmer's markets.

Creating Freezer Meals

Cooking and baking can be a great way to spend time with family or friends too.

Sometimes my girl friends and I spend the majority of the day in the kitchen making up some freezer meals to save us time and money down the road. It's a fun way to save money by using bulk ingredients without having to eat the same meal over and over again yourself.

Visiting a Pumpkin Patch

There aren't a lot of options for pumpkin patches around here, but there are a few. Going to a pumpkin patch is fun and usually pretty cheap among the fall activities. By the time you spend the afternoon outside looking for the "perfect" pumpkin for carving or decorating and enjoying the other activities the pumpkin patch may have to offer, it's a pretty cheap way to entertain yourself. It's also a lot of fun for kids!

Wandering Around a Craft Fair

Craft fairs and frugality don't always seem to have a lot in common, but I usually go to craft fairs to get ideas instead of to buy things during my fall activities. I'm pretty crafty and thanks to my parents' farm, I can use a lot of scrap material and tools they already own to make a lot of the things you can find at a craft fair.

Crafting is another good way to spend time with family or friends, exercise your creativity, and hopefully end up with a cute project to display in your home too. Plus if you use a lot of scraps, or at least make sure you don't waste much of what you buy for your craft, it's usually pretty cheap too.

Sprucing Up Your Yard or Garden

Working on your yard or garden may not sound like fun, but I personally love getting a little dirt under my nails, working up a bit of a sweat, and enjoying the outdoors during fall. I like to spend some time working on my yard in the fall before Winter hits so I can make sure it's ready to endure the cold weather without too much damage. After all, preparing before winter is the best way to make sure it still looks good come next Spring.

Do you love fall? What are your favorite frugal fall activities?


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