Where Add Vodka Goes Next as a Personal Finance Website

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Add Vodka has been on a little bit of hiatus lately, and is slowly undergoing a transformation. I thought this would be a good time to explain where Add Vodka is going as a personal finance website.

First, the basics: I recently acquired the site from Sarah, who has gone on to other endeavors. I’m grateful for her confidence in me to continue the outstanding work she has done on Add Vodka. I’m also grateful that you, the readers, enjoy Add Vodka, and I plan on providing more personal finance fun.

You can read a little more about me on the About page. I’m a freelance journalist and I write for other personal finance websites on everything from how to teach your kids about money to real estate, auto insurance, life insurance, retirement, saving money and investing. I write for AOL, WiseBread, and a host of other sites.

With Add Vodka, I want to turn my knowledge of personal finances, along with input from expert sources, into stories that will help readers improve their money habits while enjoying a fun read.

My financial situation is a lot different than Sarah’s, so I don’t expect to offer as many first-person insights into my financial life. I don’t have a ton of debt. But, like many people, I struggle to pay the bills and I’m constantly trying to learn new ways to improve my financial life.



Growing Add Vodka as a personal finance site

Where will we go? Add Vodka will continue offering a look into how we can all learn from how different people deal with money. What I hope to expand upon is telling tales that go beyond what you can find at every other personal finance blog. Some of the basics will sneak in from time to time so that even people with a rudimentary understanding of personal finance will find something worth their time.

In the coming weeks and months, Add Vodka will be adding categories such as real estate, retirement, college and other areas of personal finance. We’ll also add more stories in categories that are a little sparse, giving readers a range of personal finance topics to choose from.

And when I say “we,” I mean myself and Kayla, the blog manager of Add Vodka. You’ll see her byline often. I’d like to have guest posts, so if you’re a good writer and you want to write for the site (for free for now; I can only offer a link in return), please contact me at aaron@add-vodka.com. If you have a business and would like to have a sponsored post on Add Vodka, please use our Contact form to do this type of advertising with us.

Even more than that, I’d be thrilled to hear from readers on what types of stories they’d like to see at Add Vodka. Please reach out to me through the email above, commenting on this post, our Facebook page, Google+, or our new Twitter handle, @AddVodkadotcom.

Add Vodka Lives On: What to Expect From the Site Going Forward

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I last posted in December announcing the “end” of Add Vodka as we knew it.

Since that post went up, I have gotten a flood of support and emails from loyal Add Vodka readers who were sad to see the blog go, which makes me even happier to announce that Add Vodka will live on under new ownership.

Aaron Crowe, who you may know from his freelance writing in the personal finance community, is taking the reins this month and will continue writing on Add Vodka.

I’m sure he will serve you well and do the site proud.

If you want to continue following me, all is not lost. You can find me at Unsettle.org (which just launched today), on Twitter, or get in touch by sending me an email.

I hope you stick around and read along as Aaron gets to know you all.




The End of Anonymity

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When I started the first version of this blog in 2010, I decided that I wanted to be anonymous, and I chose the first pen name that popped into my head: Daisy.

My pseudonym choosing process was not a complicated one. I saw a picture of my mom’s Yorkshire Terrier on Facebook that my mom had posted, and took her name for my own blogging identity. There was no other thought that went into the decision to use Daisy as my pen name.

For the record, here is Daisy, my pen-namesake:


I decided to be anonymous for three reasons:

  • The subject matter (money) is highly personal and back then, I wanted to post real numbers
  • I didn’t know how far my blog would take me
  • The thought of my friends and family members reading my blog left me feeling highly vulnerable.

I blogged under the pen name “Daisy” for four years until I decided to put Daisy (the pseudonym, not the dog) to rest and start using my real name.

I wasn’t going to write about it, but there have been tweets, emails, and comments from readers and/or fellow bloggers asking about my decision.

Why I No Longer Want to Blog Under a Pen Name

Over the past four years, my blog has evolved and changed, and so has the reason I continue to do it.

I started blogging when I was 21 years old. I was a student, a full-time employee and I’d just moved to the Vancouver area. I thought the blog was something that I’d just do for fun. I didn’t know yet that it would be so instrumental in my growth, or that it would become such a big part of my life.

Over the past year, my blog has grown into something that is ingrained in my identity. When people ask me what I do, my answer always involves my blog. I spend so much time on projects related to blogging, developing habits to make me a better writer, and connecting with readers, bloggers and online entrepreneurs that anonymity made me feel as if I was leading a double life.

Blogging has evolved from something that I did as an outlet, to something that I’m proud of. Something that I don’t want to hide from.

Blogging has connected me with places, ideas, and most importantly, people, which I never would have seen, considered or met had I not sat down and put fingers to keys.

Passion Projects

I am working on two projects right now that light a fire in me. These projects are badges that I want to wear proudly, that I am excited to put my name on.

One of these projects I’ll be working on with Cait (who is my favourite example of a friendship that never would have started if it weren’t for blogging), and the other is something that, if done right, will be my hard-earned ticket to time, location, and mental freedom.

The rockstars in my personal life will most definitely know about these projects, and in fact will be instrumental in supporting me and championing me through the inevitable tough times as I try to create something bigger than myself.

Both of these passion projects will focus in on giving back. Leaving a mark on the world and contributing is something that I want to do, and I’ve realized that anonymity will simply hold me back from meeting the objectives of the projects.

As I mentioned in my previous post, What’s Going on with Add Vodka?, I have been looking at everything that I do in my life and ensuring that it all is true to my values and helps me meet my goal to live my life in the best possible way that I can. Using my real name is part of that.