savingsAs most teachers will probably tell you: Give kids the tools they need to learn, and they'll use them well.

The same holds true with giving them access to savings accounts, direct deposit and goal setting, according to a new study by America Saves on such things on low-income youth workers.

It found that low-income urban youth will save consistently when giving access to savings tools.

The survey respondents were 16-20 years old, participated in a summer employment program, and had low or moderate family incomes, according to the group America Saves for Young Workers.

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back to schoolSummer festivities are still in full swing, but back to school time is right around the corner.

When you go shopping this time of year, you'll likely notice a change in the atmosphere. Instead of bathing suits and red, white, and blue picnic plates, there are lists, glue, and paper. The stores are stocking up on all of the new pencils, notebook paper, planners, and backpacks. The smell of new pens waiting to be opened, pencils ready to be sharpened, and the feeling of a perfect folder, all shimmery in the plastic – it’s intoxicating.

Childless adults might lament on the passing of time and remember childhood, but luckily, you don’t have to have children to take advantage of all of the back to school sales and specials. Even if you don't have children, here are some ways you can take advantage of back to school sales.

Office Supplies

Now is the time to stock up on the basic must haves for your home office! Just because you don’t have children of your own, doesn’t mean you don’t need a fun folder or binder to spice up your office. Also, by taking advantage of these sales you can purchase school supplies and donate them to a local shelter or school program that gives away backpacks full of supplies to those children in need who can’t afford to get their back-to-school basics. This will make your donation dollars stretch further.

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Father's DayMajor League Baseball does a good job promoting itself on Father's Day. It advertises a visit to the game with dad as a bonding experience that every child should have.

Some teams do this better than others, and a few are just horrible at it. From charging a small amount to get into a game to great giveaways, most teams make it a fun day for a dad and his kids.

Others, led by the Oakland A's, gouge families at every chance they get on Father's Day. Read my post from last year to see how the A's rip families off. It continues this year in Oakland, where it costs $74 to play catch with your kid on the field after the game, and that doesn't include the price of tickets if you want to watch the game. I'll detail all of it later.

Best teams on Father's Day

Here's a roundup of what all MLB teams hosting games on Father's Day on June 19 are doing to attract dads and kids, with an idea of how much tickets will cost: All game times are local at home ballpark. Not all ticket prices may be available, so buy tickets soon.

The teams are listed from best to worst for how they treat dads on Father's Day, though much of this is open to argument:

LA Dodgers

1:10 p.m. vs. Milwaukee. Tickets: $35 to $1,050.

Unlike many teams Father's Daythat have promotions aimed at kid, the Dodgers have one for dads: Free Father's Day boxers with the Dodgers logo all over them.

The Dodgers also have a free postgame catch on the field, allowing dads to play catch with their kids. There's also a pre-game event called Viva Los Dodgers with live music and other activities.

Miami Marlins

1:10 p.m. vs. Colorado. Tickets: $16-$114.

The Marlins have a lot of promotions on this day, including a free Don Mattingly T-shirt to the first 5,000 dads, and a chance to play catch with dad after the game on the field for free. Yes, free.

The Marlins also have a deal for four tickets for $74, which includes four hotdogs and sodas.

San Diego Padres

1:40 p.m. vs. Washington. Tickets: $17.50-$100.

The Padres don't have any specific events for Father's Day, though dads can play catch for free on the field after the game. Like all Sunday games, San Diego hosts a bunch of events for kids.

Members of its Compadre Kids program can play catch on the field after the game with their dads, get player autographs, run the bases and attend a batting clinic.

There's also Domingos Padres at Sunday games, a celebration of Hispanic culture with many family activities. ...continue reading