organic produceOur earth has more than 400,000 species of plants recorded so far.  All this green around us has hidden treasures within them. Not all but many of these herbs contain medicinal properties. Humans have exploited these nature’s gifts for a very long time. We have found evidence suggesting use of herbs form the very humble beginnings of human life.

Interestingly it’s not just us humans who seem to have found benefits from Mother Nature’s bounty. You could get some good examples of how humans have put to use this knowledge to build nootropic supplements at Some animals also seem to have an innate capacity to use plants for their therapeutic properties. It is not known for sure how these animals tend to self medicate themselves but examples are plenty. Many carnivores, apes, bear and dear are known to self medicate themselves mostly to get rid of parasites, ease intestinal distress or aid digestion.

Being the most advanced cognitive race, humans have mastered the use of herbs and we continue to explore the wide possibilities in nature. But are there herbs that could really enhance cognition? The answer is ‘YES’. Some of the most well-known herbs with nootropic properties are Ginseng, Gotu Kola, Green tea etc.

Ashwagandha, Romsemary, Sage etc are other herbs which have nootropic properties like the herbs mentioned above. What if we can take all the good stuff from all these herbs and put it in a capsule form. This is exactly what nootropic supplements are about. They have natural potent chemicals which function to make you think better, live better and feel better. So if you find following the pure herbal path for better brain function a little time consuming and less appealing to your taste buds. You could always grab a nootropic supplement like Optimind.

Although Optimind reviews are pretty convincing with a strong back up of positive reviews from customers, we recommend consulting a health care provider before you decide upon the nootropic supplement.  This energy supplement also claims to have no side effects reported.

You will find all information related to similar health supplements including side effects, results and even the ingredients on web. We strongly suggest that you learn about your pill before you begin using it, for your own safety.

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negotiate your salaryThis is the first of two posts by Ryan Bonaparte on how to negotiate your salary. 

Most pieces of advice about starting a career generally focus on the basics of putting together an awesome resume, utilizing your powerful network to get your foot in the door, and landing that critical interview to secure your dream position.

These steps are extremely important, both at the beginning and at any transition point during your career. Without them, you’re basically just throwing your resume into a void, never to get a call back.

What is often left out, however, is the incredible financial benefit of negotiating your first and subsequent salaries.

While it may not feel like it, especially when you receive your first job offer with seemingly little to offer to a prospective employer in return, you are in a position of power in the negotiation process to negotiate your salary. The employer has decided that above all other candidates, you are the best fit. Don’t forget that fact. ...continue reading



This guest post on budgeting is by Ryan Bonaparte, who last wrote for Add-Vodka in 2012 about common financial mistakes that young adults make. Ryan is a long-time writer and author, delving into topics including personal finance, technology, and career pursuits. He lives in the Boston area with his wife and fiercely independent cat.

Budgeting can be an amazing tool.

From the moment you begin to track where you’re spending your hard-earned money, budgeting can help you begin to understand what your habits are, where your priorities lie, and what goals you want to set in place. That’s a powerful place to be in life, as you can move past surviving paycheck to paycheck, and on to building a security net and further wealth.

I often talk to my friends about the power of moving my money away from the things I don’t care about (a bigger house) to the things I do care about (a nicer car). While you can’t have everything because of a budget, you can put budgeting into an action a plan to have anything with a bit of planning and hard work.

But efficiently earning and spending money is not the meaning of life. There are other factors to consider when deciding how to spend your money, and more importantly what to do with your life outside of budgeting. ...continue reading