man-1246028_640Going on a first date is hectic enough, not to mention if it's with someone from a different culture.

Different cultures have different customs, which can be make it difficult to know how to act on a first date.

Since Russians are so different from westerners, it’s totally essential to know how to behave, what to say, and what to take into account. Find out right now with our dating experts from VIP RUssian Brides about how to have a successful first date with a Russian girl.

Pick the right spot

If this is your very first time in Russia, you don’t probably know the city well enough. Hence, the Internet should be your main weapon. The first date is aimed at getting the basic knowledge of each other so choose some peaceful and casual setting. This may be a fine restaurant or café, or a park. In fact, it’s better to combine those. In a big city, you even may go sightseeing – this is a nice opportunity to communicate and visit remarkable attractions.

Come first

As you might know, Russian girls take great care of their appearance. Especially going to a date, they spend quite a lot of time by the mirror. Thus, it is totally okay for them to be late. However, it’s unacceptable for you – be the first who comes to the spot agreed. Better if you arrive 10-20 minutes in advance. This will enable you to make all the necessary preparations.

Bring a small gift

Russians are famous for their overwhelming hospitality. There is also a custom for guests to bring something for hosts. This rule works for male daters as well. But what should you buy? This doesn’t have to be an expensive and luxurious gift. A beautiful bouquet of flowers will fit the occasion perfectly. Remember it should feature the odd number of flowers only (for example, “7” is considered to be the lucky number in Russia).

Demonstrate your manners

Slavic women prefer initiative, kind, and courteous men. To impress your prospective partner, prove yourself as a gentleman. Greet her in the right way – by kissing her hand, not shaking it (this is believed to be too formal in Russia). Maintain the conversation: listen to what she tells you and ask follow-up questions. Share your mind and avoid discussing the routine. Don’t forget to hold the door for her, to pull out a chair, and offer your hand while getting out of a car or walking up- and downstairs.

Stay sober

In contrast to a popular myth about Russians adoring vodka and other hard liquors, most young Russian ladies choose the healthy way of life and reject men suffering from alcohol abuse. We don’t imply you are a drinker, but you must create a good first impression – and getting drunk will obviously ruin the entire romance. One-two glasses of wine will be sufficient to loosen you up.

Pick up the tab

Well, this is actually one of those gentleman’s gestures. Contemporary women in the West usually struggle to prove their independence so they prefer to split the bill. On the contrary, Russian girls are feminine and expect men to woo them. Not that they are greedy, but picking up the tab is kind of a local dating tradition. That’s why is will be right to pay for her meal and entertainment.

Accompany her home

This is another way to show your good manners and affection, not to mention night streets in big cities can be dangerous. Then it is even your duty to accompany her home, especially, if your date ends late in the evening. As the bonus, you will get an opportunity to communicate more on your way to her place. Besides, if you feel the meeting was great, it is right to kiss her at the end of your trip.


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A night out can be anything you want it to be as there are so many options and opportunities! From catching a movie to eating out to visiting cool exhibits, a night out with friends or a significant other can be so much fun. But it can also mean paying more than you think.

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775001891_5b90841900_zObamacare, also known as the Affordable Care Act, has had both positive and negative effects on the economy. It is hard to say, generally speaking, if there is a side that leads the other as the positive and negative outweigh each other. Financial strains and economic uplifting have both occurred. 

Tapered Cuts to Medicare

Over time, Obamacare has been structured to make cuts to Medicare. Senior citizens depend on their Medicare plans to obtain necessary healthcare with affordable copays.

With these planned cuts, of over $700 million over a period of time, some services may not remain viable to stay in the program. This is one negative effect that may reflect on the preservation of Medicare for future generations, not only the current generation.

Financial Strain on Small Businesses

In order for a business, including small businesses, to not have to provide a healthcare option for employees, scheduled hours must be 30 or less per week. Business owners that cannot afford to carry a portion of their employees’ healthcare have to make cuts in both workforce and scheduled hours.

The positive here is that employees that do have a cut in hours can get affordable coverage, including dental insurance and vision coverage, through the Affordable Care Act based upon their financial situation.

The negative is that the cut in workforce and hours scheduled per employee may mean lesser staffed businesses, increased poor customer experiences and a decrease in business. It can also mean that a business owner may have to increase the cost of services to maintain full-time staff working over 30 hours to afford their portion of health insurance for employees.

Affordability for Families

The Affordable Care Act finds health plans for families based upon answers to a questionnaire, including the types of coverage requested.

You can obtain multiple quotes by changing the types of coverage that you want. For instance, if no one in your family has vision problems, having vision coverage is probably not necessary. Everyone needs general health and dental insurance, and dental insurance is typically inexpensive.

More Insured Persons

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