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  • starvingartistcanada
    February 6, 2012

    Hello Daisy,

    I’m also a blog-addicted financial blogger, starving-artist on a perpetually craptackular income, father of a 16-month old boy and an obsessive investor. (With the hopes that my investing will at some point pay my monthly expenses!) I’m sadly no 20-something any more… that ship sailed 7 years ago.

    If you’re interested, my blog is essentially a tongue and cheek slap upside the head for all of my other starving artist colleagues that all need financial freedom themselves.

    Thankfully for me, my work is something I enjoy and hope to be able to do forever but having a steady investment income will no doubt change my tune.

    As it now stands I get about $515 monthly.

    I was looking over your numbers… how on earth can you afford to eat only $160 a month? I struggle to keep our food budget below $700 (for myself, my wife and our increasingly fickle boy)


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