Craving for History? Top 5 Historical Locations of Lucknow

Lucknow is the city of Nawabs and their palaces. The language is also very king like maybe just because of the history. So, if you have a quest for history, have a look at Indigo flight booking page and book your flight to Lucknow.

Shahi Baoli

It is a prominent place in Lucknow.The reason behind its fame is due to the name of Nawab Asaf-ud-Daulah.He was the fourth Nawab and the man behind shifting the capital Faizabad to Lucknow in the year 1775. Machchhi Bhawan is  a five-storeyed small building situated in old Lucknow. Now the palace is known as Panch Mahala and there situated a Masjid named Tilewali Masjid which was built by the Mughal Emperor, Aurangzeb.

The Shahi Baoli performed as the crowning place for Mirza Ali alias Wazir Ali, the fifth Nawab. He was the son of Asaf-ud-Daulah who was removed by the British after a ruling of just four months. Later at this palace became the residence of Tat Mahal, who was a widow of Nawab Saadat Ali Khan. When she was removed from the Farhat Bakhsh palace due to the rule of her stepson and the then ruler, Ghazi-ud-din Haider.

Mahabir Temple

The Nawabs of Awadh had a non-religious approach towards the opinion of the majority of their issues, and several historical accounts support the point that in spite of allegiance to their religious practices and beliefs. An immediate historian of Asaf-ud-DaulatVs rule, Mirza Abu Talib Isphahani, this in a record that he spent around six lakhs to celebrate Holi. The Hindu temple of Suraj Kund was the place of a fair and Nawab Asaf-ud-Daulah reconstructed this worn out tank for the comfort of people.

Baradari at Banarsi bagh

Baradari, the term usually means covered building without walls, windows, and doors which allow the unbounded flow of air. The word dar means doorways and the term Bara means twelve. So, the meaning is a building with twelve doorways and has openings in each of the four sides.

There is a Zoological garden situated at Banarsi Bagh, and people come to spend their holidays or for picnics. It is a nice spot for picnics. It has a big lawn and most of the time filled with visitors. Most of the people are unaware of its historical importance.

One more example of Baradari is the Nageene wali in the Banarsi Bagh.

Constantia House

The present area or place of the La Martinière College was known as the Constantia House

The building is situated on a balcony like the location which was a lake at some point of the time. The design of the building is a mixed style that combines the various expertise of Italian architecture. The institution is one of the only educational institutions to receive a battle honor because of its role at the time of the Seige of Lucknow. If you are eager to see the beauty, then go to Indigo flight booking and book your tickets.

Lucknow Museum

If you try to consider historical things in Lucknow, you will get 100,000 antiquities, but the oldest and the largest museum in the state of UP is the Lucknow State Museum. You can find artifacts, pottery, tools and weapons, manuscripts, etc. in vast numbers starting from the Gupta period.


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