How To Avoid Premature Wrinkles

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I knew this guy in high school who had gray hair. High school? I mean this guy was 17 years old and he was already starting to look like that guy on Mad Men. It could have been hormones or even just the pigment in his hair, but in any case, premature aging is no joke. When it comes to premature aging, I think one of the most common things that we think about is wrinkles.

Wrinkles are something that you can't avoid; they're going to show up eventually. But they are something the you need to deal with when you're young, or least you shouldn't. Follow these tips and you'll be much less likely to develop wrinkles prematurely.

1. Wear Sunscreen With SPF Protection

This is a big one. SPF protection keeps those harmful UV rays from bombarding your skin and wearing it out. The sun is one of the leading causes of wrinkles, and it's also terrible for your skin in many other ways as well.

Wearing sunscreen even in the winter is very important. Just because the sun isn't out doesn't mean that UV rays aren't hitting your skin.

2. Stop Smoking

Smoking can be very harmful for your skin. Although you might have heard about vaping since it's a trend now and known as a healthier alternative (Check this Youtube profile of Davincivaporizer to learn more) than smoking, you can give it a try.

Ask any doctor and they will tell you the same thing – smoking gives you “smokers lines.” The problem areas include: around the eyes, around the lips and in the middle of your forehead. If you're a smoker it's only a matter of time before these lines start to show up!

3: Consider Wearing Eye Cream

Your eyes are one of the 1st places that wrinkles show up. “Crows feet” are extremely common and one of the ways that you can prevent them is by applying an eye cream. This cream should have a moisturizer in it and if it works correctly it will also prevent those dark circles that you get in the mornings from showing up.

This is one place where I will splurge. Because the cream gets so close to your eyes, you don't want to buy cheap product.

4. Practice Proper Skincare

You should always, always, always moisturize. When you get out of the shower, apply a thin layer of a high-quality moisturizer to your face. Also, avoid pore-refining cleansers that have alcohol in them. These cleansers will dry out your skin and leave you vulnerable to blemishes and generally make your skin look older. When your skin is dry, it will develop wrinkles much easier.

5: Avoid Stress

If only it was as easy as it sounds, hey? But in reality, stress is one of the causes of wrinkling and pre-mature aging. Stress causes us to release a hormone called cortisol that clogs our pores and makes our skin age quicker. It's always a good idea to exercise regularly and have decent stress management techniques that you use so that you don't become overwhelmed and start showing the signs physically.


Nothing is wrong with wrinkles and in fact, I think aging can be beautiful. You can be completely sexy with gray hair and wrinkles and all the other signs of someone who's aging a bit. However, if you want to hold that aging process off at bay a little bit you may want to follow the above advice.

What do you guys think? What do you do to keep your skin looking healthy and young?

24 thoughts on “How To Avoid Premature Wrinkles

  1. I hydrate like a fiend all day - and it really makes a difference when I don't, I can feel it both on my skin and in my mood.

    I haven't yet started moisturising, but I am interested in trying it - do you have any recommendations? I'm also thinking about getting some high-SPF moisturiser or just plain old sunscreen to wear daily. I am SO PALE.

  2. I'm 28 and I am starting to look like the guy in your high school :(

    We take skin care super seriously here in Australia, particularly the whole SPF sunscreen stuff. Not only will it stop wrinkles but it will help prevent skin cancers.

  3. A good friend of mine started graying in college, so I know it can happen to anyone. My wife is a huge fan of good sunscreen. Being from Southern California, she's always mindful of that. Her Mom has also had skin cancer numerous times, so she really watches her skin on a regular basis.

  4. Mochi and Macarons

    I'd like to add that eating better helps. Yoghurt and lots of fruit and veggies is the reason why BF and his siblings look so much younger than they are.

    SPF is a big thing and I would also avoid frowning and making unnecessary faces that will end up in wrinkles. Of course, smiles can't be helped. I have smile wrinkles everywhere!!

  5. I noticed now that I quit smoking that my skin looks much healthier. As a guy that's important to me. I have noticed since moving to Canada that I am using alot more moisturizer on my body as my skin gets dry especially my feet. No wrinkles yet though.. well at least that I can see. Is that common here dry skin?

    1. Evelyn

      Canada is rather a large country and I think the dryness would depend on where you live. When in Manitoba I need to douse my entire body twice a day and I still feel dry, yet at home on the Coast of BC once a day seems more than sufficient.

  6. Eddie

    Great points!
    The two I most practice religiously are #1 and #4.Stress can be avoidable, but most of the time its not.

  7. I spend a lot of time in the sun playing beach volleyball, so obviously sunscreen is huge. But it's a fact of life that your face will thin out and get a little more saggy, especially around the mouth and throat. It's pretty much unavoidable. Now I know why people get botox and fillers around the mouth. lol!

  8. I agree that a healthy diet can help too. And look at yourself in the mirror. Some people are frowning all the time, or shrinking their eyes. That can't be good. being expressive is a must, but just relax and stop frowning!

  9. Tahnya Kristina

    Oh I love this post. I have always had a baby face and then I am not sure what happened at 30 but it's NOT CUTE!

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  11. Jennifer Lynn @ Broke-Ass Mommy

    I try to engage in routine yoga and guzzle loads of water throughout the day, which helps my skin feel ultra plump and soft. I really notice a difference on days that I overdo it with the coffee. Stress is the absolute worst, however. It wrecks havoc on everything!

  12. Using a good sunscreen in young age can prevent the sun damage and act as a shield to your skin . Whereas when you reach your mid 20's ,you begin to see the signs of aging and at that time you need to wear a good anti aging cream along with your sunscreen. My mother is very particular about her skin care and these tips were from her secret book.

  13. Elena @

    I personally think that some women and men look even better and sexier with age. Look at George Clooney, Richard Gere, Susan Sarandon who has a boyfriend 30 years younger than her etc. They are gorgeous and will be at any age. The age is just a number!

  14. Great article. Avoiding stress is indeed a great factor to prevent looking old. I guess it majorly influences the overall look despite physical care. A positive disposition therefore enhances a genuine good appearance from within.

  15. Des Moines Boot Camp

    Wearing in sun block even in the winter season is very important. Just because the sun is not out does not mean that UV radiation are not reaching your skin.

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