How To Throw A Cheap Summer Party This Year

cheap summer partySummer is typically the perfect time to throw a summer party because everyone will most likely be able to attend! If you have a ton of family and friends, a party is a perfect way to get everyone together. But how do you throw a cheap summer party that everyone will enjoy?

No Invites to Cheap Summer Party

In today’s age, many people are a social media event or text away. It may seem impersonal, but inviting your potential guests this way can save a ton of time and money on your end. Mailing so many invites can be expensive in the long run! That’s not including that you have to buy them in the first place.

If you must send an actual invite, try delivering them by hand rather than mailing them! For most people, their guests will be closer to home than not, so hand delivering can save some cash and be a little more personal too.

Buy Cheap Decorations

Decorations are fun and can add ambiance to a cheap summer party, but you don’t have to spend a small fortune on them! You can even find more than just decorations! Most dollars stores have everything from serving platters, to goody bag ideas. I try to go to my local dollar tree first to get the bulk of the items that I need, and I’ve always spent less than $50 during each party. Talk about frugal decorations!

If you don’t happen to have a dollar store near you, you can always try hitting up dollar “spots” at any local store in your area. Another great area is clearance racks or sales in the back of the store. You may have to do a little more digging, but it is possible to get your non-food items for a lot less.

Split Up Duties/Costs

If you really want to cut costs, host a potluck or invite others to participate in preparing the food or bringing games and decorations. Another upside to throwing a cheap summer party this way is you won’t have to stress about planning it all on your own. Everyone will be contributing equally, which means less prep time for you, and more time to enjoy your party and loved ones.

The last really nice pro to this way of party planning is it could help you save time cleaning up, which is nice to not have to worry about right after a party! Everyone will take their own leftovers home, and you’re only left cleaning what you brought to the table. That’s a win-win for everyone!

Get Party Friendly Foods

Some of the best cheap summer party foods like burgers, chips, and beans are super cheap at the local grocery store. If you buy a lot of sides and use meat to compliment them, you could get away with spending very little on your food during the party! If your guests have specific dietary needs, ask them before planning your trip to the grocery store.  You can keep their needs in mind while looking at sales or searching for coupons to save more money.

If you plan on throwing more of an appetizer type party, make sure to serve more food! While people may get full from burgers and beans, it could be a little harder to fill up on chips and salsa. Also, don’t forget your dessert! A cheap summer party doesn’t have to mean boring food, and who doesn’t love dessert?  

Choose Cheap Entertainment

If you have a nice big backyard, think of some activities that everyone can do for cheap! If you have a pool, center your party around swimming and having fun. Same thing with a trampoline or treehouses. Kids can typically make a game out of anything, so keeping it simple can be the way to go. If you have to have your party indoors, bring out some games (board or video), have fun playing activities like charades, and jam out to some music.

If kids aren’t invited to your party, you can always have more adult games like Cards Against Humanity or Funemployed. Or, you can try fun activities like seeing who can sing the loudest or make the best cocktail. You’ll have fun but won’t spend a ton of money to do so. Sometimes, even just sitting around and chatting is all that you need to have an amazing party!

It doesn’t take a lot to have a fun and cheap summer party. Anyone can throw a party and still save cash doing so! It’s just important to remember that the day is really about spending time with those you love, and making great memories with them!

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