I Doubled My Income (Using Side Hustles)

I doubled my income in the past month. Every time I post about my online income, I get what seems like a thousand different comments and emails asking how I did it. 

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To answer that question up front, there is no one, singular way that I achieved this. I can tell you that I work hard, and I work almost every single day. I am creative in how to expand my portfolio and I am driven. I embrace my motivation when I have it. You will not be successful in making extra money if you do not work hard at it.

Now that we got that out of the way, onto the meat of what you actually came for:

Those who know me know I have a lot of side hustles. I like making money, because I like to spend money. During this past month, despite being on vacation for at least half of it, I doubled my income.

This is a goal that I've been hovering around for a couple of months but have never quite hit. In fact, at the beginning of the year I posted my yearly plan that had indicated that my goal was to make only $1000 above and beyond my income each month. I updated on that goal (and how I was usually surpassing it), and I had to bump up my goal to $1500 in extra income per month in order to challenge myself. I've surpassed that in the past month by over $1100 online alone. 

My online side hustle income alone (excluding my day job and any money from passive income streams) was $2651.61.

Add the money I got from other passive income streams, my babysitting gig, and a couple of other little stints, I made an extra $3509.18 over and above my day job. I did this a few different ways:

- Online work (commenting, staff writing, ghost writing) for various bloggers and websites - $1,222.38

- Blog activity (Adsense, advertising, affiliate, blog consulting, etc) - $1129.95

- Passive income- $750.00

- Babysitting - $200

- On/offline referrals/affiliate - $206.85

Will I be able to keep this up next month, and the month after? I'm not sure. I hope so. If I want to, then I'll have to ramp up my online income by taking on even more clients, as I am working on quitting my babysitting gig.

As much as I love the kids that I watch, I feel like there’s more potential in growing affiliate income and working on building my consulting portfolio than there is with babysitting. I only charge $12/hr which is a fraction of what I make online, and I'm sure the parents will let me watch them occasionally when I need my cuteness kick.

I’d also like to start up a niche site eventually. I have a lot of fun with blogs and growing them, and I want to be able to do what I’m passionate about when I hang my hat from my day job each day.

To make extra money, especially in the competitive online landscape, you have to reach out. Develop coalitions. Approach potential clients. There are so many people out there that do what you do, that you have to convince them that you do it best. Work hard, and, yes, work for free for the first little while. Nobody is going to trust you to do a great job if you don't have something to show them to prove that you've done a good job in the past.


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54 thoughts on “I Doubled My Income (Using Side Hustles)

  1. Wow that's amazing what you made in your side hustling. For some people, that can be how much they make in a month from their full-time job.

    Truly inspirational!

  2. Thanks for this post, Daisy! Reading it was inspiring for me, since I'm just getting started in trying to establish my own side gigs and hustles. I'm definitely at the gotta-work-for-free stage right now, which can get frustrating, so seeing how it CAN be done is encouraging.

    1. Post author

      I'm glad, Kali! Send me a quick email if you want to chat about side hustling and want any advice or just to chat. I am curious to know what you're doing with your hustle!

  3. cj

    Daisy!!! Congrats on the very healthy side hustle income! Tammy and I are getting ours going because we too love to spend - especially on fun things!

    Have a bumblebee Monday!

    1. Post author

      I haven't exactly saved it this month 😉 I bought a Macbook (which I will be posting about soon!) with some of it (reinvesting it!) and am reinvesting a lot of it into my various websites and income streams so I can maximize future earnings.

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    1. Post author

      Thanks Femme! I don't feel like I gave any advice that people didn't already know, but hey - maybe I just needed to state the obvious 🙂

  5. Keep hustling Daisy!! You are doing a great job! It wonderful to see people set goals and work hard towards achieving them. $750 from your brother is the one I really like since it is passive. Keep it rocking!

  6. Tammy R

    Daisy, thanks so much for sharing this. I like how you add that you will, most likely, give up your babysitting job. We have had side jobs in the past that have made little extra money. Eventually, we have to let those go so that the other, bigger and better opportunities have a chance to grow. Like you said, they'll let you get your cuteness fix when you need it!

  7. Shortie

    Great Job Daisy!! you are sooo an inspiration "show us your ways"..LOL Love that you are such a go getter =)

  8. Elena @ Hilarious jokes

    Awesome article Daisy! It's great to know that you set a goal and did even better than predicted! It's very motivational in many ways and will give a creative boost to other bloggers. Thanks for sharing!

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  10. Love this post! It's so inspiring to read just how much money can be earned via side hustles if you're prepared to put the work in and are good at it! Well done and keep posting your extra income details please! 🙂

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