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free funThe holidays are here, giving everyone a chance to be overwhelmed by the potential spending landmines that Christmas offers the average consumer. But not everything has to cost money. Some frugal and free fun can be found around Christmas.

Here are six things you can do to for free fun and enjoy your holiday for less:

1. Go to a parade

Most cities host a parade during the holiday season. Denver has a long-standing event called the Parade of Lights. It’s a fun event that almost always ends up happening on one of the coldest weekends of the year — but people still attend it!

2. Christmas lights tour

Find out where there are great holiday light displays for some free fun. Places to start: City zoos, downtown displays, or neighborhoods that are know for elaborate holiday light displays.

If you’re fortunate enough to live near homes with a super light display make sure to check those out too! Be aware that there are usually long waits and a lot of traffic for the mega-displays.

3. Go to the mall

Most shopping malls have huge interactive holiday displays that also include Santa. You can go with your kids or on your own but there is some free fun for the whole family during the holidays. ...continue reading


good volunteerThe holidays are a popular time to volunteer, when charities need help during what can be their busiest time of the year. Being a good volunteer can be a big help.

If you’ve never volunteered before and are intimidated by where to begin there are a number of organizations that are looking for the following types of help:

  • Financial. Many organizations run fundraising drives at this time. Take time to figure out what causes are important to you and work on your budget to see what you can donate comfortably.
  • Your time. There are a number of clothing/food drives that can’t happen without volunteer hours. Volunteer at one of these events so that they can successfully meet their organization’s goals. According to The Nonprofit Times a volunteer hour is now averaging around $23.07 an hour. Volunteers save organization huge amounts of money on wages, tax contributions, and health care that they don’t have to pay for paid employees. This savings allows organizations to remain focused on the organization’s mission.

...continue reading

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handmade giftsPinterest might be responsible for the uptick in interest in homemade gifts. Gorgeous photos with detailed instructions reassure the uncrafty that they too can produce fabulous homemade or sort-of-homemade gifts for their friends and family.

If you’re not a naturally crafty person the key is to pick an easy gift that looks classy and has very few steps to it.

Here are 10 fun and easy homemade gifts to create projects straight from Pinterest.

1. Limoncello

A fantastic drink that you make with vodka, sugar, water, and lemons, limoncello is easy to put together but you will have to plan the different steps because it’s an easy multiple day process.

The key to managing the process is to put reminders in your cell phone. Or, schedule the steps on your Google calendar.

homemade gifts2. Infused olive oils

Infused olive oils are super easy! The trick is to figure out the types of food or flavors your friend or family member doesn’t like. Once that’s figured out you can begin with creating a simple infused olive oil. Make sure to include a cute ribbon or twine with a cute cardboard label to “tie” it together.



3. Homemade bath salts

For those of you who have family members who enjoy a nice soak in the tub or need a nice soak in the tub, homemade bath salts are the gift for them. ...continue reading