What I’ve Read – July Edition

I've posted recaps before of what I've watched, read, and listened to. Here are a couple:

Recap of May

Recap of April

I usually include my TedTalks in the summary, but I haven't really been listening to any TedTalks lately, so I'm not going to include it in this one.

Currently Reading

The Power of One by Bryce Courtney

One of my best friends and I started a book club last year. We only got through a few books before she moved to Australia with her husband after her wedding, but we'd planned to read Power of One before she left. It never happened. She was only supposed to be gone for a year, but I haven't heard anything about a coming-home date and I saw that she liked the Facebook page of a Brisbane Mortgage Broker, so we may just have to have a meeting over Skype 🙂

Anyway, I'm only around 10% finished the book but so far, so good. I'm looking forward to reading more.

What I Read

I've been reading a ton. On planes, on my lunch breaks, before bed - I always find time for a good book.

Anyway, I've been devouring some books and here's what I've read so far.

Waiting to be Heard - A Memoir by Amanda Knox

I'll admit to being bias about this book, since I was convinced of her innocence when the trial was going on. Her memoir solidified my belief that she was innocent of the crimes for which she was convicted.

Knox writes really well, and it's an easy read, if not a bit disturbing.

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? And Other Concerns by Mindy Kaling

I'm a big office fan and Mindy's character, Kelly Kapoor is one of my favorites. I was really excited when I heard that Kaling was writing a book.

While there certainly were some funny moments in the book, it wasn't as funny as I'd expected. I don't think she meant for it to be super funny, but rather more of a memoir of her life, so I just went into reading it with expectations that I shouldn't have had.

Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me by Chelsea Handler

I was in a comedic book type mood when I picked Chelsea's latest up from Swagbucks [referral code] . Chelsea never disappoints, and I was snickering throughout the entire book. Some of the things she does to her poor friends and family just seem cruel, though.

And the Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini 

I'd mentioned in my May update that I started to read this book because I'd loved the author's previous publications. I liked this one as well, but definitely not as much as I loved his previous novels. It did make me cry, probably far too often, but I found that there were unnecessary characters being introduced into the book.


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3 thoughts on “What I’ve Read – July Edition

  1. Tahnya Kristina

    HHHMMM I don't know about that Amanda Knox book Daisy - you caught my attention, I might have to read it.

    I love Chelsea Handler! I also really love Josh Wolf and Ross Matthews when they are on her panel.

    If you want a fun book to read check out White Girl Problems - it's awesome.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Yeah, I may pick up the Knox book as well. I've been thinking of joining or starting a book club myself, too, to encourage more reading and reflection. My biggest issue is I collect unread books on kindle, snatching them when they're temporarily free. I probably have 500 books that "looked good (and were free) at the time." 🙂


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