You Really Can Just Add Vodka and Save Money

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Sometimes I feel like the name of this site is a big tease.  Adding vodka would make most situations better, if society didn’t frown on such behavior.

For example, you are pulled over by a policeman. As the man in blue strolls up to your vehicle; wouldn’t it be great to add vodka? Next time my boss sets up a meeting to go over my performance review, I feel like the situation would improve simply by adding vodka.

So while adding vodka would definitely be nice, it just doesn’t seem plausible. It turns out that this kind of thinking is completely wrong. In fact, there are many things you can add vodka to - and not only is the use accepted, it’ll save you money too!

Add Vodka to Vanilla Beans

Chocolate chip cookies and pancakes would taste so much better with vodka. Allow me to give you a justifiable reason to do so. Vanilla extract is merely alcohol infused with vanilla flavor - and if you are going to be infusing alcohol, what could be better than vodka?

All you need is a 10 oz jar, 4 vanilla beans and enough vodka to fill the empty space in the jar. It also takes a few months to percolate. However, once you are finished you’ll get great tasting, homemade vanilla extract.

Generally, about 2 oz. of vanilla extract will go for about $3.89. However, 2 oz. of cheap vodka costs only about $.59. Vanilla beans, on the other hand, are very expensive. However, you can reuse the same vanilla be over and over again once the vanilla-vodka runs out, so you quickly make up the extra costs after a few uses.

vodka as toner

Add Vodka to Your Face before Showering

Some of you may already be swimming in vodka before you shower. However, there is a good reason to do so on purpose. Vodka can make a good toner for your face. To take advantage of this method, simply dip a cotton ball in vodka and scrub.

Store bought toner goes for about $.69 per once, whereas vodka is about $.40 cheaper. As a side benefit, vodka can also be added to the inside of your face. I don’t recommend the same use for toner.

Add Vodka to Your Weeds and Send them Six Feet Under

If I exterminated all the weeds in my lawn, there’d be nothing but dirt. However, most homeowners have nice looking-grass and the key to keeping it that way is weeding. Luckily, vodka is good at killing living things. Add one part vodka and 8 parts water to make your own, liquor imbibed weed killer. A sunny day is also necessary for properly drying out the weed.

For $2.75, you can buy about 9 oz. of weed killer at the gardening store. The same size formulation using vodka costs a mere $.29.

Add Vodka to Your Neck and Wrists before a Date

Imagine the wailing in the streets if cars ran on gallons of perfume and not cheap gasoline? Yup, perfume is just about the most expensive liquid you can find at a department store. The real kicker is that it is mostly water and alcohol. Should we try adding vodka?

Disclaimer: I haven’t tried this recipe, nor do I plan on trying it. I found it on the internet, so it must be good . Mix 25 drops of natural scented oils, 5 drops of glycerin (not to be confused with nitroglycerin), 2 cups distilled water and 3 Tbs of vodka.

Do I really need to add up the cost savings for you? For many brands of perfume and ounce of eau de toilette is more expensive than an ounce of silver. Trust me, vodka is the cheaper option.

It’s not just a tease anymore. Now you really can add vodka - and do so in an acceptable, money-saving way. Plus, you now have a good excuse to keep more vodka on hand. What’s the downside?


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30 thoughts on “You Really Can Just Add Vodka and Save Money

  1. Hahaha, this is such a fun post!
    On the vodka front, I have been told that Kirkland (Costco) vodka is actually Grey Goose bottled for them. My vodka-only drinking friend says they taste the same, for verification.

  2. Anne you make me wish I went down to the US for shopping more. I'd totally stock up on some kirkland vodka if it tastes pretty similar to grey goose. Then again I don't even have a costco membership. These other uses for vodka are pretty cool too. Personally I'm trying to cut back a bit on the drinking and add more metaphorical vodka to my life instead.

    1. Ah yes... I'm about to head on vacation, which won't help the alcohol volumes!
      I have been informed that Costco in Calgary has a liquor store which is separate from the main building and does not require a membership. They also have a Superstore Liquor store... we spend a lot of money there.

  3. I love this post!!! So creative and cute! John, swing by anytime you feel like guest posting on SDR! 🙂 I just so happen to be really low on vanilla extract and I love baking! Who'd have thunk it? And I will think of Daisy while I'm baking

  4. god damn girl, you make me wanna drink some after reading your post. Instead of vodka, i have some wine. I will buy vodka in the weekend though.

  5. Meghan

    This is epic. When Charlie Sheen was winning, this must be how he felt. Love it. And now I have to go buy vodka, since I now can justify it.

  6. Brian

    I'm sure my Vodka rep friend who endorse this post, if nothing else, than to see his sales rise.

    Very fun post!

  7. I wonder if vodka will kill that mystery bush/tree that is growing out in my front garden. Vodka sounds alot more environmentally sound than a whole bottle of Round-up 😛

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