Ways to Make Money: Sell Your Body

sell your bodyI know the title of this post probably has you questioning my sanity and/or my integrity, but bear with me for a minute. A few months ago I told you about 16 ways you could start to make more money by side hustling. One of those ways was by selling your plasma. But that's not the only (legal) way you can sell your body to help you make money.

Here are some ways you can sell your body to make money.

Selling Plasma

In case you are considering this one, here are some more details about selling plasma, including how much you can earn and what the process is.

Plasma is a protein component in your blood. When you donate plasma, your blood is pumped out of your body just like when you donate blood. But unlike donating blood, when you donate plasma your plasma is separated from the other components in your blood and then your blood is pumped back into your body. This also makes the process take longer than when you donate blood. To help compensate you for your time, you can earn up to $200/month by donating plasma.

Marketing Breast Milk

In the past few years it has become more common for new mothers to sell their excess breast milk to make money and help other mothers who are unable to produce enough milk for their child. According to this article at The Penny Hoarder, some moms earn up to $60/day by selling their breast milk.

Donating Sperm or Eggs

Men and women can decide to become parents without any of the heartache and work of raising a child by selling their sperm or eggs to help other couples conceive.

Women who "donate" their eggs can receive between $8,000 and $15,000 for their eggs depending on who they work with.

Men can opt to donate their sperm can expect to receive about $35-$50 per donation.

Become a Surrogate

For a more hands-on approach to helping a couple have a child, you can opt to become a surrogate. Being a surrogate mother requires a much bigger committment than donating your eggs, thus it also results in a much bigger financial reward. Standard compensation for a surrogate mother is approximately $34,000. This money will not have to be used for things like medical bills or other expenses related to the surrogacy as those are paid for by the intended parents.

Sell Used Underwear

Men and women alike can make money by selling their used unmentionables online. According to several articles, the average price per pair of used underwear is between $15-30/pair although some go for as much as $75/pair.

Participate in a Medical Study

Medical studies are not as scary as they are made out to be (not that I've participated in them myself). Medical studies have very specific criteria for participants, but if you qualify and are aware of the risks, it can be well worth your time. Outpatient studies may pay only $20/visit but in-patient medical studies can pay several thousand dollars.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of ways to make money and these are just a few of the ways you can use what you already have, your body, to help you earn some extra cash.

Have you ever considered trying to sell your body to make money? Would you sell your body to make money?


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7 thoughts on “Ways to Make Money: Sell Your Body

  1. judy

    I have donated blood ever since I was 18 and have donated plasma a few times when there was a need. I can't imagine donating my underwear because well the though just grosses me out(buy I am 46). I did know someone who paid off their school loans by selling her eggs but I know she had to go through a lot for it.

    So I guess the only one I would really try is the plasma. 200.00 can go far in paying off debt especially if you do it twice a month.

  2. Actually, I couldn't imagine myself selling used underwear. It's kinda gross if I were to buy one for personal use. The one that I think I can do to make money out of the list is selling plasma as I know that more people need it and it's something that is safer.

  3. I did not know that you could make money with donations like that. In Belgium, you get a free waffle and a coke for donating blood and plasma... Will not get you rich.

    The underwear thing... I have seen in on a TV show once... Not sure I will go down that route.

    Until further notice, selling my body is not yet on our agenda

    1. Kayla

      Post author

      I'm not planning to sell my body either. It's definitely interesting that you can make money from some of these things though. In the US, I don't think you can get paid for a regular blood donation, only plasma (I think!).

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