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The holiday season is here and there are many people wondering what they should give to their friends and family. There are some surprising gift giving options that shouldn’t completely take the place of normal gift giving but could supplement the gifts you’re able to give. For the frugal spender affiliate shopping is a great option.

Affiliate link referrals give initial sign-up money bonuses that can be found for almost every type of digital service.

What exactly is an affiliate link? Basically, an affiliate link is a link to a good or service that a friend, family member or trusted blogger recommends to another person. That link usually will offer a small or mid-sized monetary credit per referral.

You may come across these shared links via Facebook, Twitter, or emailed to a list of friends. You may have referral links that you can share with your friends and family and might not even know it. Please note: the referral links are typically for first-time customers.

Affiliate link referral programs

Here is a short list of companies that offer a range of different services and really nice initial referral credits: ...continue reading


debtWhere has the year gone? Christmas is approaching faster than you think, and have you begun your holiday planning yet?  Are you freaking out? Don’t, there is still enough time to plan a debt free and joyous holiday season.

Here are five steps to for the last minute holiday planner who doesn’t want to go broke and be in debt.

Create a plan

Take time to create a plan for the holiday season to avoid debt. Do you want to have a big blow out party?  Or a cozy gathering of friends? Would you like to give gifts to a large number of people or a small group of friends?

Taking time to plan helps to create clarity and a framework for upcoming holiday gift giving and festivities.

Set a budget

Spend time thinking about what you can afford, set your budget and stick to it. Setting a budget makes it clear to you what you can and cannot afford.

Once you set your initial budget cut it by 25 percent just because you can and maybe should. ...continue reading

gratitudeWhile gratitude should be considered a daily practice that isn't just practiced during the holidays, the end of the year is when it's expressed often by many people.

The odd thing that happens during the holidays is that people can get swept up in the material aspects of the holiday season. It’s hardly surprising that this happens because we are inundated with commercials selling us the latest and greatest new item. Sales abound and pumpkin spice lattes are everywhere.

It’s easy to forget what is important.

It’s important to remember gratitude as we race back and forth preparing for the holidays. Gratitude is really a process of checking in with our selves and being clear about what is truly important.

In order to be clear about what you’re thankful for you should take time to create a list of detailing successes, people who are in your life, and the things that bring you happiness. ...continue reading