4 Tips for Affordable Car Insurance

ID-100154095Are you looking for more affordable car insurance? Do you need to cover inexperienced or multiple drivers? Do you need to insure more than one vehicle? Get the most for you money and settle in for a bit of research. You may have to put a bit of work into finding your discounts, but with these tips, you will be on your way to effective coverage and low premiums. First, you just need to know a few things about how policies work and what to look for as you compare plans.

1. Know the Basic Components of Coverage

The main of purposes of an insurance policy are to protect your health, other driver’s health and your assets. As such, proper coverage is essential. The three common types of plans are liability, collision and comprehensive. Liability pays for third-party injury and property damage. Collision policies repair your vehicle following an accident and are usually required if you have a loan on your car. The comprehensive category entails other incidental damage caused by non-accident related situations such as weather, theft or vandalism.

2. Consider Policy Add-Ons

There are many helpful extras that can be added to aid you in sticky situations. Here are some common useful add-ons:

  • Medical Payments
  • Uninsured Motorist
  • Towing
  • Rental
  • Gap

Some of these are advisable for young drivers, while others are legally required. Certain states ask that you have insurance that covers the uninsured motorist. Teens, leasers and owners of recently purchased vehicles may want to consider gap plans in case the car is totaled. Otherwise, you may be left with a large bill and without a vehicle.

3. Understand What Influences Deductibles and Premiums

Think about how you use your car and what you need from an auto insurance policy. Do not add components unless you genuinely think they will be useful. For instance, extra coverage makes sense for an inexperience driver, but older drivers are less likely to get into a serious accident. Know what to expect and consider these elements when pricing coverage:

  • Your driving habits
  • Accident history
  • Type and number of vehicles
  • How often you drive
  • Age
  • Gender

Young men will likely have the highest monthly premiums and large cars have more expensive plans.

4. Compare as You Shop

Get quotes from local car insurance agents. Even large national agencies have hometown representatives that understand the your state’s laws and common concerns. Be honest about what you need and your driving history. This will yield more accurate quotes and more effective coverage. If you are looking for multple types of plans, you may find a firm that offers bundle deals. Some companies will give you a discount for paying biannually or yearly as opposed to monthly. Additionally, look for discounts for good grades, experienced drivers, multiple cars or even paperless billing.

The first step to getting affordable and effective insurance coverage is to understand what you need and how that will affect the price. For instance, inexperienced or teen drivers will have higher premiums, but you can get discounts for report cards or driving classes. Ask about savings and shop around. Start with these tips and you will find the right policy and company with just a bit of research.

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