5 Fun Ways to Earn Extra Income This Summer

I think I've got a Spring Fever going on up in here because I just can't wait for Summer!

I know Spring has only just begun for many of you, but now that I'm mowing and watering my yard, and spending more time outdoors, I've got Summer on my mind. Another big thing that is always on my mind these days is my finances and how I can earn extra income.

With Summer comes hot days, warm nights, and some extra opportunities to make extra money. Here are 5 fun ways to earn extra income I thought of that I might try to implement this Summer in my "spare time". 😉

Mow Lawns

There's been some hatin' on the classic Summer side gig of mowing lawns, but in my opinion it's always a good stand-by if you just can't think of anything else. Maybe it's the farmer in me, but I just love mowing. (Does that make me weird?) You get to spend time outside working on your tan. You get fresh air and exercise, and you make money. In my books, that makes mowing lawns a pretty darn good side hustle.

There are actually some pretty successful landscaping businesses in my community that started out just mowing people's lawns. Now they are making decent money and only working from April to October-ish when the weather is nice.


If you really enjoy getting a tan and you have the necessary skills, perhaps you can pick up a side job as a lifeguard. I know being a lifeguard is a typical summer job for a high school or college-aged kid, but in my community the pool is always desperate for more lifeguards.

To be a lifeguard you do have to have some certifications, but if you qualify it could be a pretty good evening or weekend job that lets you spend some time outside getting some sun and fresh air (and a killer tan!).


Summertime is when working parents sometimes struggle to find day care for their children. School is out and with the shortage of day care in my community, parents are always advertising to find one with openings or someone to come and take care of their children privately at home. Being a summer daycare provider or in-home nanny is a great way to earn some extra money, especially if you love children. My cousin actually spend all of her summers during college working as a nanny to help pay for school.

Working a Home Business

There are lots of people who sign up for different multi-level marketing businesses, like Mary Kay, Avon, Thirty-One, Pampered Chef, and more. Most of the people who sign up for these programs don't end up sticking with it. If you've signed up for one of these businesses before, perhaps Summer is a good time to try to work your business. The at-home party business is usually higher in the Summer which will help your odds of making money.

Being a Camp Counselor

Not everyone has a full-time job with enough flexibility to work at as a counselor at a summer camp, but if you do (I'm looking at you teachers) then being a camp counselor is a great way to earn some extra money and get away from your typical scenery. These days, most camps have cabins and bunks so you won't actually have to live in a tent all summer without regular amenities. You'll get to spend lots of time outside and if you never went away to camp as a child, it'll give you a chance to make up for that. 🙂

What are some other ways you can think of to make extra money this Summer?

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7 thoughts on “5 Fun Ways to Earn Extra Income This Summer

  1. Before I got A/C in my apartment, I used to work late during the summers to escape the sweltering heat in my cool office space. Since I get paid by the hour, it ended up being a pretty lucrative endeavor. So I guess I'm saying: Want to make more money during they summer? Sweat yourself out of your home so you're forced to go out and do something.

  2. I haven't done it yet, but I like the idea of mowing lawns for people. It's a nice way to get outside and it can also be a good workout!

  3. I am a certified lifeguard and have been one since college. I have this summer job yearly and pretty enjoy it because it feels like you're not in a job but on a vacation. So far, it's been great and pays more than enough.

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