sell your bodyI know the title of this post probably has you questioning my sanity and/or my integrity, but bear with me for a minute. A few months ago I told you about 16 ways you could start to make more money by side hustling. One of those ways was by selling your plasma. But that's not the only (legal) way you can sell your body to help you make money.

Here are some ways you can sell your body to make money.

Selling Plasma

In case you are considering this one, here are some more details about selling plasma, including how much you can earn and what the process is.

Plasma is a protein component in your blood. When you donate plasma, your blood is pumped out of your body just like when you donate blood. But unlike donating blood, when you donate plasma your plasma is separated from the other components in your blood and then your blood is pumped back into your body. This also makes the process take longer than when you donate blood. To help compensate you for your time, you can earn up to $200/month by donating plasma.

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richOver a lifetime, earning $1 million or more is feasible — and it's a lot easier to get rich with a college degree in hand. Over a lifetime, a bachelor's degree is worth an average of $2.8 million in earnings, according to a 2002 Census Bureau study.

It doesn't exactly make someone rich when spread out over a lifespan, but it's nice to know that graduating from college can at least make you a millionaire on paper.

To get really rich and be a multi-millionaire who enjoys their money now instead of waiting for retirement, you need to start by thinking about money differently. That's the main lesson in the book "How Rich People Think" by Steve Siebold.

I interviewed Siebold a few years ago, and have read his book. A lot of it makes sense. His PR team recently sent me a list things that Siebold says prevent people from acquiring more money.

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christmas costsIt's no secret that Christmas can get expensive in a hurry. When calculating Christmas costs most people consider the gifts they gave, but they often forget to account for things like Christmas decorations, extra food, supplies for baking, Christmas cards and postage, and other miscellaneous costs to get in the Christmas spirit.

In the past I've tried to cut Christmas costs by setting a budget for my gift-giving but I never even considered all of the other costs associated with my family's Christmas celebration.

However this year is different, I've got a plan to help cut all of my Christmas costs. The only hang up I had was seeming like a Scrooge. Fortunately, I've found 4 ways to cut Christmas costs and avoid the Scrooge factor.

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