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For those who are able and willing to operate a bed and breakfast out of their own home, a profitable business often awaits — at least, if all measures are taken into consideration.

Potential innkeepers should consider the various factors attributed to their bed and breakfast — such as how much they’ll charge guests and how they’ll interact with them — in order to ensure that the business is prosperous.

Among one of the most important components of running a bed and breakfast out of your home is that of the different insurance coverages that are required, and how much it may cost you. Despite running the business out of your home, this does not mean that extra insurance policies aren’t necessary. Given that you’ll be running your business out of your house, it is vital that innkeepers attain the coverage needed to protect themselves against any accidents or issues that may arise.

So before you get out your homeowners insurance calculator, check out a few of the extra insurance types you may need if you plan on operating a bed and breakfast out of your home:

Property Insurance Coverage

This one is important because it goes beyond the typical homeowners insurance coverage. Having property insurance when running a bed and breakfast protects you against any damage to the building that may occur, and property used for operating the business.

Things covered under property insurance include business papers such as receipts and invoices, tech equipment like computers, or any detached buildings you may be using to run the bed and breakfast, to name a few. Having these bases covered keeps you protected against any property-related complications. ...continue reading

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You’ve spent weeks, maybe even months or longer, preparing a home to be sold. You’ve had it professionally cleaned, decorated and even added some stage furniture to take the perfect pictures. As a real estate agent, you’ve done everything you’re supposed to do prior to creating a listing to post online and around town. Except you’ve forgotten what is arguably the most important part — the listing itself.

But, you got into real estate to sell houses, not to try and be the next Hemingway. Sorry but, writing a great listing come with the territory of being a real estate agent. If you can’t write it, you’re going to be less marketable than a real estate agent who can. But, never fear, we’ve compiled a simple how-to guide for writing a great listing even if you’re not so great with words and stuff.

Don’t Be Afraid to Name Drop Brand Names

While it’s generally considered uncool to highlight or name drop any famous or important people you may know, if you have appliances or features from a well-known brand, mention it! If you have a kitchen designed by Gaggenau, or if you upgraded your house with smart-home technology, people are going to want to know about it!

Be Descriptive, But Not TOO Descriptive

Descriptors are an important part of the way we communicate with one another and should be apparent in your listing. However, you want to make sure actually adding value to the listing and not just filler. Often you will see a listing littered with phrases describing the “memories you’re sure to make in this home,” which is objective and does nothing to provide information relating to the specific features of the property. Tell people about the cobblestone path or the hand-crafted wooden deck that is perfect for barbecuing on during the summer months.

However, it’s important to remember that this is a property listing, and people want to read a list of features, not a novel. In fact, Zillow found that a 250 word-count listing is the sweet spot that is most effective in regards to selling homes. Make sure you’re effectively using language that is meaningful to your target audience.

Work with the Seller to Paint a Picture

Unless you’ve lived in the house you’re listing, you won’t know the intimate perks that come with having turned a house into a home. Work with the seller to find the personal details that will give life to your listing. For example, instead of writing about a back deck in flat terms, try saying something like, “Private back deck that is perfect to enjoy quiet mornings.”

Instead of imagining a basic wooden deck, you are evoking a comforting spot to sit and enjoy the beginning of your day with a cup of coffee and your iPad. You don’t have to do it for every room in the house, but maybe pick a few choice features and highlight them in a desirable way.

These little touches make your customized IDX website listings really come to life and take on a warmth that is inspiring. Remember to read your listing from the perspective of a buyer. If you wouldn’t be interested in living at the property based on your write-up, why would anyone else?