cheap summer partySummer is typically the perfect time to throw a summer party because everyone will most likely be able to attend! If you have a ton of family and friends, a party is a perfect way to get everyone together. But how do you throw a cheap summer party that everyone will enjoy?

No Invites to Cheap Summer Party

In today’s age, many people are a social media event or text away. It may seem impersonal, but inviting your potential guests this way can save a ton of time and money on your end. Mailing so many invites can be expensive in the long run! That’s not including that you have to buy them in the first place.

If you must send an actual invite, try delivering them by hand rather than mailing them! For most people, their guests will be closer to home than not, so hand delivering can save some cash and be a little more personal too.

Buy Cheap Decorations

Decorations are fun and can add ambiance to a cheap summer party, but you don’t have to spend a small fortune on them! You can even find more than just decorations! Most dollars stores have everything from serving platters, to goody bag ideas. I try to go to my local dollar tree first to get the bulk of the items that I need, and I’ve always spent less than $50 during each party. Talk about frugal decorations!

If you don’t happen to have a dollar store near you, you can always try hitting up dollar “spots” at any local store in your area. Another great area is clearance racks or sales in the back of the store. You may have to do a little more digging, but it is possible to get your non-food items for a lot less. ...continue reading


dogIf your kid wants a dog this summer or for Christmas, their birthday, President’s Day or just about any other day of the year, think twice.

Along with the responsibilities of raising a pet that the child should help with — walking, feeding, grooming and cleaning up after — there are bigger responsibilities that you’ll have to face as a parent. Financial ones. Ones where you have to pull money out of your pocket to pay for whatever the dog needs.

These probably aren’t at the front of your mind when you’re looking at cute dogs at your local animal shelter, but they will be soon after you leave with a new pet in your hands. The costs of pet ownership are high for any type of pet, including cats. But as someone who has only owned dogs, I’m going with my experience with dogs.

Here are five of the biggest costs you’ll have as a new pet owner. Some are optional, but the consequences of not having some of them could be more expensive down the road. If that’s a risk you’re willing to take to save money, then go for it.

Out-the-door costs

Adoption fees can be staggering enough to get you to reconsider getting a dog. The costs I’m detailing are from my local animal shelter, which is where you should be adopting a dog if you really want to save a life. Go to a pet store or private breeder, and you’ll likely pay a lot more.

Many animal shelters will require that your pet be spayed or neutered, a cost they usually discount, before you can take it home. For a male dog, the neuter deposit or surgery fee ranges from $60 to $135, and that goes up to $75 to $195 to spay a female dog. ...continue reading


drunk shoppingSt. Patrick's Day is coming up soon, giving Americans a chance to go drunk shopping on one of the most popular U.S. holidays for drinking.

Drunk shopping is exactly what it sounds like — buying something when you're drunk. Pull out your cellphone when you're drunk and you can buy something in a few seconds. Will it be a purchase you regret? Probably.

What are the most popular things bought during drunk shopping? Finder.com surveyed 3,123 people and found these to be the top online purchases when drunk:

  • Shoes and clothes: 7.1%
  • Gambling: 6.2%
  • Cigarettes: 6.2%
  • Movies/DVDs: 4%
  • Technology: 3.3%

Of those inclined to drunken impulse buys, Millennials spend the most, the survey found. They spend 75 percent more than Gen Xers and 40 percent more than Baby Boomers.

Men spend more than four times as much as women ($233 vs. $54) on a drunken shopping session, with gambling the top splurge by intoxicated men. The average spent while drunk was $139. ...continue reading