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cookie doughIt's a simple sales formula that would make any door-to-door salesman proud: Play on a customer's emotions and you'll likely get a sale. It works with magazine subscriptions, Girl Scout cookies and even cookie dough.

Cute + cookie dough = sale. It's automatic.

If cookie dough, cheap jewelry, Oreo churros and expensive candles, among other junk from Believe Kids, are making the rounds in your neighborhood, you know that summer is over and kids are back in school. Forget falling leaves and cool winds when looking for the start of the fall season. Cookie dough for $17 is for sale, marking the start of fall.

My daughter's school started its fall fundraiser recently, and while she and her classmates are told not to sell items door-to-door, they are expected to push their cuteness and fundraising goals upon their families. If you can't sell a $16 pumpkin roll to Grandma, then you aren't cut out to be in sales. ...continue reading

paying your student loansIf you’re like many recent college graduates, you live in fear for that day when your first student loan payment is due. Given that the average graduate has more than $30,000 in student loan debt, it’s understandable that you might worry about how you’ll pay it all back, including paying your student loans to start with.

But paying your student loans doesn’t have to be scary and you don’t have to lose sleep over it. To prove that, I asked Nate Matherson how he’s planning to tackle it. At just 21, Nate is the co-founder of LendEDU, an online marketplace of student loans and student loan refinancing providers.

He says he started the business because both he and his co-founder had private and federal student loans and wanted to help other students by creating more transparency around student loans.

He shares with me six student loan repayment tips that recent grads should consider. ...continue reading

pillsIt can start quite simply, with you forgetting to bring your keys one day or forgetting where you left your cell phone. Everyone has lapses of memory like this at some point, particularly in the hectic lifestyle that most people lead today. However, if you have noticed that you seem to have more frequent memory lapses that are beginning to affect your work, your schoolwork, your home life and your relationships, you may want to take some steps to try to do something about it. While there are mental tricks and exercises that you can try to help boost your brain power, there are a number of memory enhancer pills being sold today that can help you get your memory back to being sharp, no matter what your age may be.

Pills Use Proven Ingredients

The pills and supplements that are being used and offered today make use of natural ingredients and nootropics to help provide you with the help you need. These ingredients often include plant extracts and powders, vitamins, minerals and other natural ingredients that have been proven to help you improve your cognitive brain power so that your memory, focus and concentration can be greatly improved all of the time. You will no longer experience those lulls during the day where your mind may drift and lose focus. You will maintain a sharp memory so that you have much greater recall of everything, helping you to excel at work, school and home. When you have decided that you want to take the steps you need to get the best of the memory supplements being sold today you can take the time to visit Smart Pill Guide to see all of the best products available.

The Memory You Want to Have

When you start taking pills and supplements to help you with your memory, you want to be sure that you have chosen the right one for you. Make sure that it contains the ingredients you have learned are most effective in helping with memory and cognition and that the pills use these ingredients in quantities and dosages that have proven to be most effective. You can look at supplements like Juvenon and Neurofuse, both of which have established popularity in the marketplace today as effective at helping to enhance your memory, concentration and mood. You also want to be sure that you take the pills at the recommended dosages and for the length of time recommended by the individual manufacturer so that you can get the most from the product.

For the best in memory enhancer pills you are going to have to do some research so you can be sure to purchase a product that will be effective for you. Look over the ingredients used, the manufacturer and their background, the cost of the product and even the marketing done by the company so you can be sure it is one you can really trust. You should also take the time to read reviews written regarding the products so that you can see how others have felt about the product, allowing you better insight so you can be sure to select the right one to boost your memory.