Get The Most From Your Work Benefits

If you have benefits with your work, these make up part of your compensation package. When the Compensation and Benefits department looks at the cost of employing you, they look not only at your annual salary and overtime, but they look at your benefits package as well.

It's fabulous for the benefits company if you aren't using your benefits, but not so fabulous for you; you are giving up part of your compensation package. Furthermore, the employer typically has to pay for them at a base rate anyway; if it is obvious that one particular benefit is being under-used, why would they continue to pay for it?

Review Your Benefits Package

Some of my colleagues weren't even aware that we were entitled to some of the benefits that we are. Review your benefits package (you likely got a synopsis of your benefits when you were hired, but if you cannot find it, contact your HR department). You may be surprised with what you are missing out on.

I remember one of my colleagues didn't even know that we had half the benefits we are entitled to!

Try Your Benefits Out

I was actually hesitant to use one of my benefits when I first started with my company because I didn't know what it was all about. It took me 5 months to start using it and I have never looked back.

If you're unsure, just try your benefits out. You may end up using them more often - thereby actually using that part of your compensation!

So You Have to Pay Upfront

Some of my colleagues don't use benefits because they are reimbursable; meaning, they have to pay up front but get reimbursed in full after they submit the claim.

I LOVE reimbursable benefits! I get to collect rewards points on my credit card for money that I technically didn't spend money on. They usually reimburse within the week if you submit the claim quickly enough.


I love looking at my account and seeing the total I've used each month and year. It's my goal to get that as high as possible so that I'm actually using them!

Don't give up part of your compensation package!


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13 thoughts on “Get The Most From Your Work Benefits

  1. One of my favorite benefits that this employer offers are "Health & Wellness" perks. My monthly health insurance costs are cut in half just because I'm healthy!

  2. I scour my benefits every year during open season. I actually missed one last year that wasn't technically part of the "Benefits Plan". They had a health incentive initiative where you would get so many point for going to the gym, getting a checkup etc. You could trade those point sin for gift cards! I found out about in October and got my points in. That was worth $200 in Visa gift cards! They discontinued the program this year.

  3. Daisy, it sounds like you have quite a benefits package. One area that you did not mention is your retirement options. Are you taking full advantage of those?

    1. Post author

      I certainly am, and I hope that everyone that is offered these types of incentives are, but they aren't part of our employee benefits plan. I guess my organization considers benefits "health" benefits.

  4. It sounds like you have a pretty nice benefits package. Sadly, I think you're in the minority these days with cost cutting in many companies. Since we run our own business I know all too well how many of these things cost, but it's worth it in the long run.

  5. Haha, I'm the person many people talk to about what's in our benefits. I really ought to use them more.
    Lots of people undervalue the cost of benefits, when we are estimating things at work, we use a load factor of 48% above an hourly/salary wage! Granted, we have good benefits, but still.

  6. Benefits are a hidden treasure because they are not taxed and save the employee money. When I worked for a Fortune 100 company, I had discount tickets for events, or special buying services, a credit union, profit sharing, no cost medical/dental/vision insurance and much more. It is part of your compensation whether you use it or not.

  7. My old company offered reimbursement for glasses or contacts. It was great!

    I used to buy a lot of things for mystery shopping (a lot of meals out) - it was great, free food plus credit card points and later reimbursement.

  8. I recently went to my ophthalmologist for an eye exam. The doctor I go to isn't covered by my vision insurance, so I paid out of pocket and got reimbursed. I also bought contacts out of pocket and got reimbursed. All total my out of pocket was zero (I also did a rebate for the contacts and got money back for shopping with shop at home). Gotta use those benefits while you have them. Hope your cuts aren't too bad.

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