How Money is Like Popcorn

I came home from Chicago with a massive bag full of Garrett's popcorn (Chicago Mix, if you must know what flavour) which I hunted down at the O'Hare airport for J. Never mind that I'm eating it all right now while he wallows in ignorance in the next room. I don't know if he's drowned out the rustles of the popcorn bag or if he's resigned himself to the fact that I'll likely sick my dachshund on him if he tries to reclaim in, but he's not reacting.

popcorn gif

As I munch on this surprisingly satisfying snack, I notice a few parallels between popcorn and money.

If Done Right, It's Surprisingly Satisfying

"Financial responsibility is the bomb" - said nobody ever. I also doubt that popcorn is anybody's favourite food, either (is it really even a food?). But if you do money - or popcorn - right, you'll be pleasantly surprised as to how satisfying it is.

The soft, yet crunchy popcorn kernels; the sight of a healthy savings account. Little pleasures you never thought you'd be this excited about.

It Can be a Little Dry

Let's not pretend; money is money. The topic can be drab. You make it, you invest it, you spend it, you save it, you want more of it. Financial speak can make most people's eyes glaze over in an instant.

Popcorn is no different. It's generally flavourless, unless you zazz it up with some butter, salt, or a flavour of your choosing. It's dry. It has no moisture.

It Won't Fill You Up (No Matter How Much You Have)

Money can't buy you happiness, or so they say. What I think "they" mean by that, is that if you have a void in your life that you need to fill, money won't do it for you. Rich or poor, if you don't deal with the issue, the void will remain.

Popcorn? I could eat a truckload and I still wouldn't be full. I'd just be super thirsty.

It Starts Off Small and Grows Bigger with Time

Hopefully, this is the case for your money. This is the goal of investing and saving money. You can start off with a few dollars, but by saving and investing, it can grow.

With popcorn, obviously it starts off as a small kernel. Over heat, it expands and pops up. Obviously it's not as easy to make your money grow like it is with popcorn. We can only wish.

They Are Generally Enjoyed by All

Ever hear somebody say they don't like money? How about popcorn? Yeah, that's what I thought.

So there you go. Popcorn and money have more in common than you ever would have thought.



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16 thoughts on “How Money is Like Popcorn

  1. I love popcorn. So much. Spouse has tried to ban me from eating it at home because it doesn't suck into the vacuum very well. I ate popcorn for lunch a few weeks back at the stampede. I realize none of this has anything to do with money, but I love popcorn.

  2. Great analogy. Popcorn is also like money because the less you have the more enjoyment you tend to get out of each one because you'll savor it more 🙂 Popcorn is one of my favorite snacks because it's low on calories relative to its volume in portion.

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