Inexpensive Trips with Beautiful Fall Foliage

fall foliage

Fall is making a bit of an early appearance this year! The weather is getting cooler with snow even happening in the northern mountain states already. The pumpkin spice is in the air and starting to stack shelves upon shelves upon shelves at the grocery store! Most importantly the leaves have just started to show hints of yellow and orange.

Fall is great time of year to go out and immerse yourself in nature as it puts on its fall coat. The best part is, you don’t really have to travel far to see gorgeous fall foliage. Here are some inexpensive trips you can take in your area to get the best out of what fall has to offer.

Travel to Your Own Backyard

There’s no better place to see nature firsthand, and inexpensively, than your own backyard or neighborhood. If you live in an older part of town or an older community, chances are the trees are gigantic and turn all sorts of colors. Put on your jacket and take a stroll. Fresh, crisp air can do wonders for your health.

Travel to City Parks

Most cities and towns have a least one park. Make an afternoon visit on the weekend and enjoy a picnic. Pack mugs of hot cider, or if it’s still warm out, mugs of sparkling cider and enjoy the scenery. Most parks have plenty of trees so you can enjoy the colors of fall. This is also a great time to do family pictures, or take pictures of the outdoors, and maybe pick up a few leaves along the way.

Camp at a National or State Park

Depending on the location of your nearest national or state part, most of these parks are free to enjoy, but there may be a small charge to camp overnight. Fall camping is fairly inexpensive and is definitely a great way to enjoy the outdoors. It could be an overnight trip or you could go for the weekend. Bringing your own food saves money and depending on the length of your drive, your travel costs won’t be a lot either. Make sure to go early in fall before the weather gets too cold overnight.

Look for Fall Festivals

If your part of the woods doesn’t have much in the way of fall foliage, look up some fall festivals that are within easy driving distance. The further east and north you go in the United States, there appears to be more fall festivals where the turning foliage is in abundance. Most festivals are free and if you book a hotel earlier in advance you can save money. You could also find a charming bed and breakfast or AirBnb and really immerse yourself in the fall frenzy!

Find the Nearest Town Known for Their Foliage

Everyone knows that New England is the epitome of fall foliage. They have festivals everywhere and it’s just beautiful. It’s also an expensive place to travel. Look for cheaper areas of the nation such as Virginia or Missouri. The closer the town is to you, the less you spend on travel and lodging and the more you can enjoy the fall foliage without worrying about your budget.

Our nation is blessed with an abundance of fall foliage and the opportunity to enjoy four different seasons every year. If you want to go see the fall in New England, save up for the trip. Budget out your trip and do your research to find the best deals and a cheaper alternative if necessary. Even if you can't take a big trip to see fall foliage, you can still enjoy fall and the colorful foliage by getting outside.

What are your favorite ways to enjoy fall foliage?


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