Reflection on 2012

2012 was, undoubtedly, one of my biggest years yet. I made a list of some things that I wanted to accomplish at the beginning of the year, which were less reflective of traditional "goals".

But aside from these, 2012 brought a whole bunch of other interesting twists and turns.

In January, my 24 year old car finally kicked the proverbial bucket. I worked 90 minutes away from my home, went to school in 2 different cities and public transit didn't even run between my job, home, and school, so I bought a car. I took out a loan to buy the car, and have been paying it off at a much higher rate than the minimum payment ever since.

I started making income from my blog. I met some bloggers, my Alexa ranking dropped substantially, my PR doubled, and my traffic and readership has increased considerably. In March, a post on my blog was featured on the Consumerist. My blog has undergone two face-lifts this past year, and it's been growing more with each month that passes.

I started travelling a very small amount. My partner and I went to Oregon in the spring and spent the weekend there, and as a graduation gift to myself, I went to NYC with my best friend.

We got a second dog, who we rescued after the realization that our other dog needed a friend. She's been a great addition to our little family and a wonderful companion for our first.

We moved into the ghetto to save money more aggressively for our home buying venture. This proved to be a very interesting experience, but not unlike all of our other experiences renting different apartments.

Let's look at how I fared with my "goals":


I graduated in 2012. This was a huge weight off of my shoulders and finishing school has granted me the extra time to reach other goals. I'd been in school for five and a half years, so it's been nice to slow down a bit and smell the flowers.

Get a Job in My Chosen Career

I got my first job that relates to my education.

Buy a Home

Did this too. Though this was on the tail end of 2012.

Start an RRSP

I started my RRSP in early January with ING Direct (get $50 for signing up before January 31 using my Orange Key! 35611511S1 at So far, I've been contributing on a monthly basis. I also have a great pension plan with the company for which I work, and I contribute 6% of my income to the plan. The company contributes 10% of my income. About 20% of my income including my pension is going toward my future retirement.

Lose 10 More Pounds

My weight has fluctuated throughout the year; at one point I came close to this goal, but I didn't seriously pursue it.

Earn an Extra $500/Month

I would definitely say that I hit this goal. With my babysitting side hustle, my blog income, and income from my side businesses. I've hit this goal easily.


I picked up a couple of freelancing gigs in 2012, and I have really enjoyed them. I'll likely look for another one to add to the roster in 2013.


How did you do on your 2012 goals?


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21 thoughts on “Reflection on 2012

  1. Eddie

    Wishing you the best for 2013. You did a great job in 2012, and don't let the playa-haterz get to ya. All the best!!

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  3. Well done mate, you did amazing!! I would say we reached our goals for 2012... with the blog and now re-designing to monetize it (finally, I know)and saving enough money to pay off the mortgage. I think 2013 will be more about sticking to the grocery budget better than 2012 and investing. Happy New Year Mate!!!! Mr.CBB

  4. Great job! 2012 was kind of a transition year for me too, with starting a new career and getting another condo, so I'm looking forward to having a more focused investment and savings effort in 2013.

  5. Jennifer Lynn @ Broke-Ass Mommy

    Sounds like a busy and fruitful year for you, Daisy, and congratulations on the remarkable site growth. Cheers to 2013 and successfully snubbing the End of Days.

  6. Wonderful progress on the goals - and a belated congratulations on your home purchase! I've been feeling somewhat discouraged about finances, and I hope that getting back into the PF community will help me rediscover the joy of saving and planning. 😉

  7. jefferson @SeeDebtRun

    Without a doubt, Daisy.. You had a massive year in 2012, and truly knocked it out of the park.. Very, very impressive. You have grown this blog into a real force, and your accomplishments with graduating, getting that first big job, and making some huge life purchases, are nothing to sneer at!

  8. You had a fantastic year! I was just reviewing my goals....there are 10 of them and I got six of them accomplished. I'm a little disappointed (which isn't'll make me work harder this year). I didn't look at them enough and tweak them enough to make them stay relevant. I spent too much time "in the day" and not enough time building the future.

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