Somebody Stole My Wallet

Somebody stole my wallet.

I was at the gym last Wednesday night when I should have been in class. I forgot my lock for the gym lockers, so I just put my bag in one of the many unlocked lockers and covered my wallet with my cardigan.

I got a workout in, and then returned to the locker room to retrieve my stuff so that I could go home, sit on the couch, and drink wine.

I noticed something was off when I walked into the locker room; every single locker was half open, which was odd. I had a bad feeling, and when I got to the locker that my stuff was in, it was confirmed - somebody had gone through my stuff.

I frantically dug through my bag for my wallet, knowing full well it was gone. So was my cardigan. I opened the bathroom stalls and found my cardigan crumpled in the corner of a stall. My wallet was nowhere to be found.

I have never had my wallet stolen, and I guess I was too trusting; I go to an women's only gym, and you have to be older than 18 to have a membership. Plus, there is no drop in. My perception of those who would steal a wallet went against everything my gym was.

I was so lucky, though. Being a personal finance blogger definitely pays off. My credit and debit cards, in alignment with this post, were left at home. I panicked at first, thinking that the thieves were probably wracking up my credit card, until I remembered that they were at home.

The day before, I noticed that my passport was in my wallet and I took it out. So that was lucky too.

I had to jump into action as soon as I got home because, as it was the end of the month, I had some cheques in my wallet. Plus, I had my ING debit card in there and some ID. I had to:

  • Call the banks (ING, BMO) and wait on hold until I could report those two cards stolen
  • Put a stop payment on the BMO cheques that were in there
  • Report the stolen wallet to the police in the area
  • Report my wallet and ID stolen to TransUnion and Equifax
  • Transfer my points cards over to a new card (what? It's like free money!)
  •  Go to ICBC to get a temporary drivers license

I'm glad I didn't have my passport or credit card in there, but more than anything, it's a huge inconvenience. Especially since banks are ridiculous and don't let you report your card stolen online.

To be honest, I feel a little violated, somehow. Somebody out there has my driver's license, a bunch of business cards, and my care card with them. That's super creepy.

Have you ever had your wallet stolen?


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60 thoughts on “Somebody Stole My Wallet

  1. That effing sucks. When I was dancing in Japan I couldn't find my wallet. Everyone swore to me that Japanesse people wouldn't have stolen it AND I would get it back if I lost it.

    That was 2003.

    I am going to wait 1 more week and then I am going to get mad.

  2. I'm so sorry - what a pain. I have had my wallet stolen - but I was very young and didn't lose much more than cash and a beginner's licence.

  3. Ryan @ LifeFreshOut

    Wow, that really sucks. Good thing you didn't have too much in there.

    I started going to a new gym this week and last night was the first time I put things in a locker. I bought a lock because I was super paranoid (checked that it was locked like three times before I left the locker room), but lots of people didn't bother. I had to go through three open lockers before I could find an empty one. Sounds like you were just unlucky this time.

  4. Edward Antrobus

    Ouch, that sucks. Couldn't you put a lock on your locker? I live in fear of my wallet getting stolen. If mine ever gets stolen, I have to get recertified for work. 🙁

  5. Wow that's good that you had already taken a lot out! Usually I just leave my wallet in my car, and only bring my car keys. And I watch the locker room like a hawk.

    I'm sorry, that really stinks. People can be rotten.

  6. Brian

    That stinks, but it sounds like you did everything right to stop fraud.

    I have never had my wallet stolen but I accidentally threw it away once. I had to replace everything. It was such a pain in the butt to get a driver's license since the stupid BMV wouldn't accept my Birth Certificate (I was born in Ireland and not the US and apparently everywhere else in the world they lie about when babies are born) and I had to get my dad to take a day off work to sign an affidavit verifying who I was.

    1. Post author

      How did you manage to throw it away? That's interesting. What a pain! And I thought replacing MY cards was a pain in the ass!

      1. Brian

        I was at the grocery store and was throwing out some trash in my car and apparently had my wallet in my hand...

        Wasn't my proudest moment.

  7. That sucks! I've never had my wallet stolen, but I think you really did the right things and protected yourself from some serious issues. You turned what could have been a big problem into nothing more than an inconvenience. Good job!

  8. Totally sucks! Never happened to me but I'd freak out if it did. I know you took your passport out but just wondering why you had it in there? That's the one thing my parents are SUPER paranoid about. They used to be hidden in weird, obscure areas of the house. Now they're just in a lock box lol

  9. Thankfully I haven't. That sucks that it happened but at least you realized it quickly. Sounds like they probably got quite a bit if there were that many lockers open, unless they just went through the empties as well. I haven't been at a gym in a while but I would never leave anything more valuable than my clothes in there if I forgot the lock. I'd keep the wallet in my car and just carry my keys or something, if memory serves.

  10. I'd be so pissed off if that happened to me. Not only is it costly to replace all that stuff, it is a big waste of time. Actually it did happen to me once, but it was a much more forceful theft involving a syringe. Back then I didn't even have a credit card though. I probably didn't even properly report it to protect myself from identity theft.

  11. Kaylan

    Oh my goodness! One, I'm so glad that your credit cards and passport were at home. Two, I'm so sorry for the headache this has caused you. I would've assumed your all-women's, 18 and over gym would be safe too. Three, I can only imagine your turmoil. I have never been through this experience.

    However, one time my sister was flying to Hawaii and someone stole her wallet out of her purse while she slept on the plane. About 7 months later, on her birthday, all her wallet pictures arrived in an envelope with no return address and postmarked from Idaho. Very odd.

  12. Omg so sorry! What a shame..did you report it to the women's gym? Maybe they have cameras and can tell you who did it, and then ban them from their gym and report them for robbery. Lol.

    My credit card # was stolen 2 weeks ago and I felt violated then, even though they just made 3 transactions totaling to $50. I was livid, so I can't imagine how awful you must have felt. I am so glad you didn't have your passport and CCs in there though!

  13. When I used to have a gym membership back in the day, I only brought my driver's license and debit card with me when I went to workout and I kept it actually on me.

    So sorry that happened to you Daisy 🙁

  14. SHITTY.

    I understand the violated feeling. When my iPhone was stolen it just felt wrong that someone else had something that was so personally "mine".

    what great luck that you took your passport out holy cow.. I would lose my mind if my passport was stolen.

  15. That totally sucks 🙁 . I don't carry wallets anymore for fear of losing it. Maybe the thief will be nice enough to just take the cash in there and mail you back your wallet and cards.

  16. Sorry to hear that. You need to get a lock. Sorry, but you can't trust people these days. At least you didn't lose your credit cards, very smart of you to leave them at home.

  17. John @ Married (with Debt)

    I had my work bag stolen from my car, with my tax returns and checkbook inside. On a hunch, I found the bag a few days later in a nearby bush. They didn't bother with the checkbook or the tax returns, just kept the running shoes. It is a horrible feeling.

  18. I would feel violated, too! Jeff *thought* his wallet was stolen once the morning after we went to a party. He couldn't find it ANYWHERE. Turns out, he put it in his underwear drawer. 🙄 Good thing we weren't driving that night--he was obviously pretty drunk to have done that! (Can't believe I'm telling this story..) Sounds like you thought of everything. Was there money in there? Access cards to anywhere? Yep, a little creepy thinking about someone going through your stuff too! Yuck.

  19. Sorry to hear you lost your wallet. The good part is you seemed well prepared to deal with the situation which most people aren't. I've never had this happen and hope to never experience it. Mr.CBB

  20. Bad situation - but good for you that you did already remove your cards and passport. Mean People (and people who steal) suck. Thanks for your leaving your comment on my post about the Side Hustle at Thriftability!

  21. What an awful story. I'd feel violated. SO sorry to hear it. But never trust your gym lockers. Or any lockers. Horrible.

  22. That's so horrible! I 've been taking my bag into the area I'm working out it because I've been seeing a lot of open lockers. I'm glad that you didn't keep your credit cards in there.

  23. I've never had it stolen but it's one of my biggest fears! That really sucks, and it IS creepy. Make sure to watch your credit and your accounts carefully over the next few months since they did take your ID.

  24. Both my wife and I had our wallets stolen at different times. The worst part is getting your ID's again. Cancelling and replacing credit cards are easy. Losing pictures, ID's an other personal stuff is just annoying.

  25. Ugh! This is so inconvenient. I do this all the time at my yoga studio too - I know I shouldn't, but I do. But you are way better about what's in your wallet - I have everything in mine, I'd have a huge hassle cancelling/replacing all of it!

  26. Once my wallet was stolen out of a bag I was carrying. (Or it fell out of the bag- not entirely sure) However, the person who stole it took out all of my cash -less than $50- and then dropped my wallet into a post office box, because I got a call from the police station the next day saying they had my wallet (ID, credit card, and school ID still in it) and how they had gotten it back.

    I don't bring a wallet to the gym. I can slide my license between my phone and it's cover, so I do, and then only leave clothes/toiletries in the locker room and have my phone and license with me the whole time.

  27. That sucks so much. I'm glad to hear that you're credit cards, passport and debit card weren't in it though. I've never had my wallet stolen thankfully. I would probably flip the eff out. I'm reconsidering bringing my wallet to the gym - might be safer left at home/work.

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  29. I had my purse stolen out of my locker in High School. My own fault - I had set the lock for 'faster opening'. such a foolish girl. they found everything but the cash in the ladies washroom trash. I actually had cash in there because I just had gotten paid and was going shopping.

  30. Jan

    Sometimes not even a lock is enough. Gym I used to go to had someone enter the womens locker room & use bolt cutters or something to open lockers. I am not very trusting, I used to actually take my purse with me to each machine.

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  37. I'm sorry to hear that! Ugh.

    My purse got stolen out of a classroom once when I was 16. I lost some cash and quite a few giftcards, because it was right after my that sucked. Other than that, though I guess it was the best possible time to have my purse stolen-

    I didn't have my proper driver's license yet- I still had the temporary paper one they gave me until the real one got mailed in, and it expired a few days later, when my new one arrived in the mail.

    I didn't have any credit cards, and I didn't carry my debit card or checks to school with me, just cash in case I needed food or gas.

    I didn't drive that week (I carpooled with friends) so I didn't have my car keys, and I still was in the habit of keeping my house key in my backpack from when I didn't carry a purse.

    The biggest loss was my inhaler, but I was able to get a new prescription quickly.

    Anyway, I am super paranoid about my purse getting stolen now, so if I have a purse with me it is always in contact with my body, or locked up.

    I'm sorry that happened to you, but it's really good that you didn't have more stuff in there!

  38. Brandy

    I just had mine stolen yesterday at walmart. Luckily enough my husband had the debit card and we have no credit cards, so we didn't have to deal with that. They did however steal all of my paycheck but were nice enough to throw the wallet and my ID in the same walmart parking lot. :/

    1. juliesweetheart

      I wish these people who took my stuff woulda thru my stuff in thhe lot i lost alot but zero money they didnt gain nothing i lost havin to buy it all back and the fact they have my i.d and such is makin me feel violated and wonderin i miss my things:( they took my hole purse

  39. juliesweetheart

    My purse got stolen out my car the other day they used a scrwwdriver my wallet was in there my i.d cards and all not my keys ipid and fkne thank god it was all in the gym with me! But i feel violated and ill never get my stuff like someone out there has my stuff and idk wat they gna do i had to make a new account for my debit card too cuz i had a check in there! Im only 19 and i wanna find these people cuz this ridiculous like they got nothing outa this besides anger and if i findout who didit im goin to kick their ass its tough cuz thats my stuff and i just feel empty it took them five minutes i walked in noticed i forgot my inhaler my bf went back out to get it i was in tannin for threr minutes then he called and said the purse aint in there i flipped but stopped my cards nand all im jus worried bout them havin my things i just want my stuff i had my inhalery meds in there and thata horrible what if i had an attack ! I had no inhaler?! Fuckin thieves need to get a fuckin job they need to get caught and be in jail and we need to kick all their asses i miss my stuff:(

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  41. Lisa

    I never have, but my boyfriend did once. It is a sickening feeling. So sorry you had to go through this!

  42. Agnes

    I'm so sorry to hear that even though I just realized this post was two years ago. I just lost my wallet yesterday and went back to where I lost it at McDonalds (probably the worst place to lose it) and I had a terrible time coping with it as I had so many points cards in there as well and I loaded $100 to subway gift card for myself to use it on school campus right before I lost my wallet, which to me was more upsetting to be honest, since I knew that I can report it as stolen and they can't do anything about it. I had some cash, a lot of points cards, and some name cards and warranty receipts in a Coach wallet. I'm really hoping whoever picked it up does the right thing, but seriously in this day and age, you really can't trust people and it's sad that we have to so protective and be paranoid but some people are really shitty.

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