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In order to land your perfect job, creating a resume that stands out for all the right reasons is essential. Many people fail to get called for interviews because their resumes don’t reach the standards required by today's employers.

However, there are many ways you can address this issue so that you give yourself a much better chance of finding a job you really want. Below are some of the ways you can enhance your resume.

1. Complete a Relevant Course

To have any chance of getting to the interview stage for a skilled, higher paying position, you need to have some kind of recognized qualification that you can add to your resume. Starting a new course may be a daunting prospect and a large number of people don't want to spend a few years of their lives attending classes and lectures at a college or university.

However, there are courses like the online masters in engineering that you can complete in as little as thirteen months. As well as taking less time to complete than other types of courses, you can complete an engineering online program over the internet, without ever having to go to a college or a university in person.

2. Get Relevant Work Experience

Some type of qualification is a basic requirement for most jobs and employers expect to see this information listed on your resume. However, to really impress a potential employer, you need to have some relevant work experience too.

Unfortunately, this can be a Catch-22 situation because you need a job to get experience and experience to get a job. To overcome this issue, you must think outside the box and find ways to get the work experience you need for a particular type of job. You could start by offering your services for free or for a lot less than you know your services are worth until you have built up enough experience to add to your resume.

In other situations, you could become a freelancer for a while and outsource your services to clients over the internet. Good examples of services that you can provide in this way include web design, content creation, online marketing services, bookkeeping tasks, and virtual assistant work. These services are always in demand and it's often easier to get this experience without already having experience in these areas.

3. Make Sure Your Resume is Up to Scratch

Even a candidate, who has the necessary education, skills, and experience required for a particular role, may find it difficult to get called for an interview. If you are one of the people who struggles in this way, the quality of your resume may be the problem. The good news is there are many ways you can easily rectify this issue.

A good resume should be easy to read, it should be concise, and you should focus on your previous work achievements and results. As well as this, there should be no spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, or gaps in your resume.

A resume is a key component for job seekers. Following the three steps above will ensure that you are more likely to get the job you really want.


college educationThere are many ways to fund a college education. Loans, scholarships, working between classes and saving during high school are some of the ways students can afford college.

There's also another reliable way to pay for it — hit up your parents.

The average cost for an in-state public college for the 2015-16 academic year averaged $24,061, and was $47,831 at private colleges, according to a survey by College Data.

Graduates may eventually cover those expenses with future earnings, but that's years after leaving college and doesn't help at all before starting school.

For parents who are generous enough to pay for some or all of their children's college education, it can require some sacrifices. And I'm not just talking about taking out a loan, dipping into a retirement account or taking out some equity in your home.

Cutting vices

Some families have to make life changes to be able to afford college. These can go well beyond stopping smoking or not going out for coffee every weekday. Getting rid of your vices makes sense for more than monetary reasons, but some pleasures in life are worth keeping, even if your kid has to get a college loan or two.

Liberty Bank of Chicago recently put together a graphic (at the bottom of this post) that lists simple vices that can be cut to help struggling families save for college. The bank based the total savings amount for each item on putting the money in a savings account for 18 years that earned 3 percent interest.

It's interesting to see how much can be saved by not doing something for 18 years — all of your child's life.  ...continue reading


college freshmanThis is it! You are finally a college freshman, a young adult and are able to do your own thing. Going to college is the ultimate pinnacle of doing your own thing with no one to tell you where to go and how to be (most of the time).

Heading off to college for the first time is exciting, but there are a lot of supplies you are going to need for your firs time away from home.

If you do an online search to see what you need as a college freshman, the lists and advice out there may convince you that you need to spend a small fortunate just to outfit your dorm room. But the truth is, you don’t need all of that. If you are a college freshman, here are a few things you don't need!

1. A Television

You might think I'm crazy for saying you don't need a television, but hear me out. Most likely you’ll have your laptop or tablet with you when you head off to college, so you don’t need another piece of expensive equipment laying around to get stolen or broken. Plus your roommate or new best friend will have one, so you can always watch theirs.

...continue reading