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DisneylandI'm all for saving money at every step possible when visiting the wallet-emptying vacation spot known as Disneyland. Too often, I've sacrificed convenience for saving money.

While my family's frugality has saved us money on our Disneyland trips that have in part helped make the vacation more affordable, in some ways it has cost us in other ways — time and better experiences. Some splurges are worthwhile.

We took a short trip to the Anaheim, Calif., resort this weekend during the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, taking our daughter out of school for two days so we could turn it into a long weekend and hopefully enjoy smaller crowds. I'm writing this post ahead of our trip, so by the time this post runs I'll be safely home with a credit card bill awaiting.

Our daughter is 11, and this will be her fourth family trip to Disneyland. Looking at that now, I realize that's a lot of visits, but it is the happiest place on Earth.

I've always thought that after spending about $90 per day per person just to get into one of the parks is so high of a cost that it's imperative that we save money in other ways. While I'm not throwing out all of the financial stops on this trip, there are some high expenses I'm willing to indulge this time because they look to be worthwhile.

Here are some of the ways we're spending more more money, along with frugal ways to help save money so we can afford these extravagances: ...continue reading