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junk in your garage

If you're waiting for spring cleaning season to get you motivated to get rid of the junk in your garage, chances are you won't get too far in cleaning it up.

Like many people, I have too much stuff in my garage, and every time I enter it, I vow to do something about the clutter. I don't consider myself a packrat — no one probably does — but I'll admit my garage is a mess and needs to be cleaned out.

Craigslist a start for removing junk in your garage

Below are some ways to get some money out of the junk in your garage, though I have to admit I haven't used any yet. Like many goals — they're on my to-do list. I'm a fan of Craigslist and Freecycle, and most recently used Craigslist to sell my old car.

But the free Craigslist ad brought too many cheapskates to my door, or at least to my phone, as they tried to talk me down in price for a good, reliable car that I was already offering a deal on. If I can avoid Craigslist, I do for this reason. ...continue reading


shopping for insuranceI've been writing about personal finances for years — for this site and others as a freelance writer — and I almost always take my own advice and the advice of experts I'm writing about. But when it comes to shopping for insurance, I've gotten lazy.

Almost every other piece of personal finance advice I've written about I've implemented myself: have an emergency fund, set up a college account for my daughter early, buy value stocks, cooking dinner at home and buying a used car with cash, among other things.

Shopping for insurance is one of the easiest things to do, taking minutes online or a five-minute phone call to an insurance agent. Up until about a month ago, the last time I went shopping for insurance was about a dozen years ago when my wife and I bought a house and needed homeowner's insurance.

Insurers often offer bundled savings, so shopping for insurance for your home is often accompanied by a quote for auto insurance. You can save at least $100 per year by buying multiple policies from the same carrier for your cars and home.

An armored truck started it all

After more than 12 years of not shopping for insurance, what finally got me checking around for prices? Dissatisfaction with our insurance company. It all started when an armored truck made an illegal left turn and hit my wife's car, totaling her car and soon starting us down the path of shopping for insurance. ...continue reading


add value to your homeHomeowners can sometimes talk themselves into spending money on their house by assuring themselves it will add value at resale time. However, it turns out that there are many improvements that do not add the value you may be banking on. To ensure you stick to projects that successfully add value to your home, check out the details below and get inspired.

Little Investment, Big Reward

The best improvements the add value to your home are the ones that pay off big time with little capital and effort. The difference may not always be that obvious to you, but adding luxury attractions does not usually boost value as much as functional changes.

In general, the more personal a home improvement is, the smaller the chance it will make a substantial difference in resale value. It’s a good idea to look for solutions that everyone can use, like improving the kitchen or bathroom vs. adding a man cave. Remember, the actual cost and payback for each project depends on real estate market values in your area, as well as your home’s overall condition.

Add Value to Your Home with Appliance Upgrade

From the kitchen and bathroom to the laundry room, energy efficiency and updated appliances seem to be more important than ever to potential buyers.

If something doesn’t match or looks old, you may be able to just add new doors or face panels. One type of door that is growing in popularity to increase home values are sliding barn doors, as they are able to change the feel of any space they are in. But if something is truly old and inefficient, you might want to consider purchasing a newer model.
...continue reading