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For those who are able and willing to operate a bed and breakfast out of their own home, a profitable business often awaits — at least, if all measures are taken into consideration.

Potential innkeepers should consider the various factors attributed to their bed and breakfast — such as how much they’ll charge guests and how they’ll interact with them — in order to ensure that the business is prosperous.

Among one of the most important components of running a bed and breakfast out of your home is that of the different insurance coverages that are required, and how much it may cost you. Despite running the business out of your home, this does not mean that extra insurance policies aren’t necessary. Given that you’ll be running your business out of your house, it is vital that innkeepers attain the coverage needed to protect themselves against any accidents or issues that may arise.

So before you get out your homeowners insurance calculator, check out a few of the extra insurance types you may need if you plan on operating a bed and breakfast out of your home:

Property Insurance Coverage

This one is important because it goes beyond the typical homeowners insurance coverage. Having property insurance when running a bed and breakfast protects you against any damage to the building that may occur, and property used for operating the business.

Things covered under property insurance include business papers such as receipts and invoices, tech equipment like computers, or any detached buildings you may be using to run the bed and breakfast, to name a few. Having these bases covered keeps you protected against any property-related complications. ...continue reading

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car insurance

Between the new car smell, sleek upholstery and paint job, there are many experiences and memories you can expect to make with a new car. That being said, a brand new car does come with responsibilities, just like any other vehicle. When it comes to insurance for your brand new auto, you’ll want the best coverage available.

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shopping for insuranceI've been writing about personal finances for years — for this site and others as a freelance writer — and I almost always take my own advice and the advice of experts I'm writing about. But when it comes to shopping for insurance, I've gotten lazy.

Almost every other piece of personal finance advice I've written about I've implemented myself: have an emergency fund, set up a college account for my daughter early, buy value stocks, cooking dinner at home and buying a used car with cash, among other things.

Shopping for insurance is one of the easiest things to do, taking minutes online or a five-minute phone call to an insurance agent. Up until about a month ago, the last time I went shopping for insurance was about a dozen years ago when my wife and I bought a house and needed homeowner's insurance.

Insurers often offer bundled savings, so shopping for insurance for your home is often accompanied by a quote for auto insurance. You can save at least $100 per year by buying multiple policies from the same carrier for your cars and home.

An armored truck started it all

After more than 12 years of not shopping for insurance, what finally got me checking around for prices? Dissatisfaction with our insurance company. It all started when an armored truck made an illegal left turn and hit my wife's car, totaling her car and soon starting us down the path of shopping for insurance. ...continue reading