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Should You Drive or Fly To Save The Most Money on a Long Trip?

A long trip can be the best the way to recharge and get away from the routine of everyday life. You could be taking a relaxing vacation or going to see family. You might even get to go somewhere far for a business trip or conference, like Aaron and I did last week.

Now-a-days there are many ways to go about getting to where to you need to go, especially within the United States. One can travel by train, car, plane, and even bike across this country.

When talking about traveling for leisure or business the question often asked is, should you drive or should you fly? Depending on a variety of factors driving or flying or both can save you money or be very costly. Here are some factors in making your car versus plane decision.

Time Commitment

The first thing you should ask yourself is how much time do you have? If you live say in Kansas and want to go visit the Atlantic Ocean, it’s going to take you a good day or two to drive, when you could be there within a few hours if you flew. Do you have time to add four days of travel (there and back) to your itinerary? ...continue reading