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Mother's Day giftsIf you could, you would take mom on a world cruise to thank her for everything she’s done for you. Taking her globetrotting might be out of the budget, but it doesn’t mean you can’t give her something she’ll love, use and cherish.

These 20 gifts are guaranteed to delight, and they’re all $100 or less. Some are even less than $20.

Kamik Jennifer Rain Boots
$64.99 at Kamik.com
If she’s not one for jumping in puddles, that’ll change once she steps into these cute boots. She’ll love the comfort and the classic style, and they’re available in five colors.

Terrace Jewelry Organizer by Umbra
$29.99 at ContainerStore.com

Mom has collected lots of baubles and bangles over the years and they’re all in a tangle. This three-tier lined wooden box offers a smart storage solution for her earrings, rings, necklaces and even her reading glasses. Drawers can slide out for display or remain neatly stacked.

Grow Oya
$24.95 and up at growoya.com

This clever clay receptacle waters thirsty plants with minimal effort. The Oya is buried in the garden for spring and summer and periodically filled with water. The plants in the vicinity draw the water they need. Because there is less surface watering, weeds are less likely to germinate. Available in three sizes. Wondering what to plant? You can grow these five groceries in your garden. ...continue reading

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motherhoodThis guest post on motherhood is from Catherine Alford at Budget Blonde. After you read her post, head over to her website, where I'm guest posting today.

Having and raising children is expensive, and I should know because I got a two for one special with my adorable boy-girl twins. In fact, by some counts the cost of raising a child to adulthood can be around $245,000 not including college! That’s insane!

Even though I don’t feel that raising a child actually costs that much for most families, mine included, having children is still a big financial burden if you aren’t adequately prepared for motherhood.

Because I’m a planner by nature and like to have things as organized as possible before I make any big, life-altering decisions, I approached motherhood with that same attitude.

I asked everyone I knew how to get prepared financially for motherhood and now that I’ve been through it myself, here are my top 4 ways to do so: ...continue reading


mother's day deals

Mother’s Day is a big gift-giving holiday: On average, American shoppers expect to spend just over $170 on Mother’s Day gifts this year, and $21 billion in total on Mother’s Day 2015, according to a survey from the National Retail Federation. The $170 price tag is pretty high, and it’s no wonder since only about one in 10 respondents said they plan to take advantage of coupons for Mother’s Day savings.

This is a big mistake, though, as GOBankingRates found an abundance of Mother’s Day deals and sales that can help you save on a gift or get mom more with your budget. With the coupons we found, shoppers can easily find savings of at least 15 percent, which on $170 would mean more than $25 extra in your pocket, and some deals can save you even more for Mother’s Day on May 10.

“Shoppers should make a point to look for ways to save on gifts for mom,” said Trae Bodge, senior editor for RetailMeNot. “Around Mother’s Day, in particular, we see offers in the 15 – 50 [percent] off range across a variety of categories such as beauty, floral, apparel, photo and general gift retailers, so it’s a great time to shop not only for mom but for grads, wedding gifts and yourself! RetailMeNot consumers report an average savings of $20 per transaction so it’s worth the few seconds it takes to check.”

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21 Best Mother’s Day Freebies, Sales and Deals

To help shoppers find Mother’s Day freebies, sales and deals, GOBankingRates rounded up some of the best offers out there, with the help of deals sites CouponSherpa, DealsPlus and DealNews, and listed them below. We found plenty of deals on typical Mother’s Day gifts like flowers, sweets, jewelry and mementos. There are also many Mother’s Day sales on women’s apparel and accessories. ...continue reading