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phone solicitorsPhone solicitors can become a time suck if you let them. I've simply stopped answering my cellphone unless it's from a number I know or someone already on my contact list.

The unsolicited calls keep coming, however. Once in awhile I'm curious and I pick up, only to realize after the three-second delay or a robot talking that a phone solicitor is at the other end and wants to sell me something. Those calls I immediately banish by blocking them on my phone. (I'll give detailed instructions on how to do that in a bit.)

I'm also on the national Do Not Call Registry, which is like a piece of Swiss cheese with all of the loopholes in it. I've had my number registered with it for seven years and the robocalls keep coming.

I rarely, if ever, talk to a phone solicitor. I usually just hang up on them, which I've learned isn't so much a deterrent as it is an invitation to call me back a day later.

What to do? What are the best ways to prevent phone solicitors from calling you again? From personal experience and some research, here are five of the best ways I've found for getting rid of phone solicitors in your life, though it's always a work in progress:

Annoy them

I'm not a big fan of this, mainly because it takes some time on my end. One big reason I don't want phone solicitors to call me anymore is because it's a waste of my time. As a freelance writer, that equates to time I could spend making money.

Still, getting a telemarketer who calls to hang up on me instead of the other way around can be fun. It just takes a little time and effort.

One thing to do is to take up as much of the caller's time as you can. The more time they spend on the phone with you, the less time they have to hassle someone else.

There are hundreds of ways, including having fun with a fake accent or trying to convince them to buy a product from you.

Have their robot talk to your robot

Here's one way to chew up their time: Ask the telemarketer to hold for a few seconds while you call a robot they can talk to for 10 minutes or however long they want to before they realize it's not a live person and hang up.

The Jolly Roger Telephone Co. has a free phone number you can call and then add the phone solicitor to the call. You can then put your phone down and get back to work while the telemarketer talks to what sounds like a person but is actually a bot. It has pauses and asks the caller to repeat themselves, and stalls for time with stories about a been on their arm or just waking up. Check it out:

Here's how it works from a mobile phone: ...continue reading