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save on a night out

By the time Friday rolls around, it’s been a long work week and a night out is long overdue.

A night out can be anything you want it to be as there are so many options and opportunities! From catching a movie to eating out to visiting cool exhibits, a night out with friends or a significant other can be so much fun. But it can also mean paying more than you think.

When you add up food, drinks or dessert, travel time, parking, etc., a night out can make a large dent into your wallet if you aren't careful.

But you don't have to let a night out bust your budget. Here are some fun ways to save on a night out.

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basic-1239215_640Last week I shared some awesome ideas for how you can re-use kitchen items for other purposes around your home. Re-using items not only helps you save money, but you can also rest assured knowing that you've done your part to help the environment of Earth too.

If you can save a little money by recycling or re-using household items you would normally either use for a different purpose or toss in the garbage, why not? It doesn't always take a lot of time and effort to find household items to re-use and save money. Here are 15 more household items you can re-use and save money.

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re-use and save moneyIt has become very popular these days to recycle or re-use old items in new and unique ways. Every time you turn around, someone has a new Pinterest project or suggestion that can save time, money, or both. But not every item that can be re-used has to be a Pinterest project. There are actually some pretty simple ways to re-use household items for other purposes too. Because the possibilities are endless, I decided to limit my post today to only kitchen items that you can re-use and save money, but there are lots of other household items you can re-use too.

Here are 18 kitchen items you can re-use and save money.

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